Photo: Kimi

Trinidad and Tobago, WI: Akeem “Preedy” Chance is no stranger to delivering attention grabbing messages through music. Truth is, every bit of his interactions with crime, poverty, loss, relationships, stereotype and triumph has influenced the music he creates. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise to anyone that the Maloney born and raised singer/songwriter/performer would release an empowering and motivational track titled ‘Pray.’

Listed as the second track on his upcoming EP titled ‘Maloney Story’, ‘the collaborative message of ‘Pray’ was done with upcoming talent Shakeem “Kimi” Spencer. The song was birthed from the unfortunate passing of someone close to Preedy as a result of crime. This personal loss
reminded him that even through the darkest and toughest of times, there is solitude and peace that can be experienced through prayer. Growing
up in Maloney, an area categorized as a “crime hot spot” Preedy has experienced and witnessed tremendous agony.

Kimi, who was born and raised in Arima links this track to a choice he had to make between his passion and his dream. The short, his journey to
becoming a professional footballer was halted after a severe injury (torn ACL) forced him to return to Trinidad and Tobago while being on a scholarship in the USA.

Understandably a difficult and devastating situation, Kimi prayed for “God to take the wheel” and shifted his attention to his passion of music.

Kimi, although relatively young has endured his share of pain and challenges. This song "Pray" distinctly reflects his background and upbringing. Both Preedy and Kimi share the commonality of growing up in church. They, along with the producer ReQwestMuzic of BMS Records, who hails from Enterprise, an area also labeled at a “crime hot spot” hope that through song they can inspire people to recognize the need for communion with the almighty.

Here’s a reminder that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that every negative situation can be overcome; PRAY.

© Adanna Asson