Photo: A teaser of what’s to come from 1OneNationCarnival

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. September 27 th , 2019 - Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival is mere months away. A new concierge mas band launches at the Bungalow, in Woodbrook, on Saturday night. All systems are set for the grand reveal of some incredible costumes, being produced by new carnival outfit, 1One Nation Carnival.

The band, which will facilitate an all out carnival experience, complete with accommodation bookings, event tickets and costumes for Carnival Monday and Tuesday, has been in the making for some time. Band leader, Sejoux Nelson says the team at 1One Nation Carnival is excited to offer carnival lovers of all backgrounds and nationalities, a true taste of Trinidad and Tobago’s festival experience, expressing a strong desire to cater to a wider generational audience.

Photo: Revelry by 1One Nation Carnival

The Tropical Wonderland theme being revealed on Saturday night, ahead of T&T Carnival 2020, will, according to the 1One National Carnival team, deliver quality craftsmanship and present costumes with couture in mind. “Couture is the new mas,” expressed Nelson, highlighting the need to offer international masquerade and festival seekers, a true expression of Trinidad and Tobago as a cultural hub. “We must present our best to the people from around the world who are looking to Trinidad and Tobago as the mecca. It’s unacceptable for us to simply settle for being a bikini and beads culture. We are much more than that and we must claim it,” said the young creative.

Sejoux admits that while the band seeks to target a niche, foreign demographic, all are welcome. “Our desire is to facilitate the needs of the visitor to Trinidad and Tobago but that isn’t to say that we aren’t welcoming of our own people. We are excited to present this very artistic option to fans of mas, and we also hope to see people of all ages and backgrounds engaging in the culture with 1One Nation Carnival, come Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

The Tropical Wonderland will be launched on Saturday, September 28 th at the Bungalow in Woodbrook. For further details, mas lovers can visit Instagram or Facebook, and follow 1One Nation Carnival.