Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. October 1st, 2019 -- It’s official. There’s a brand new carnival concierge service operating out of Trinidad and Tobago this past Saturday, September 28 th , the 1One Nation Carnival outfit revealed its small but effective catalogue of designs for Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Held at the Bungalow in Woodbrook, the launch unveiled the sections, Revelry, Insurgente, Carpe Diem and Amor- all elements that make up the creative portrayal of Tropical Wonderland, envisioned by bandleader Sejoux Nelson. With narration by 3 Canal’s Wendell Manwarren, those in attendance on Saturday night were treated to a truly unusual yet beautiful reveal, complete with ambient sounds that meshed perfectly with the Soca vibration that will bring the costumes to life in 2020. The unit has spearheaded a campaign that unites Couture design with carnival, something the team believes has been missing in masquerade portrayals annually. “Our aim is to give international mas lovers something to truly be blown away by- something that effectively portrays the cultural beauty of our people and the vast creativity that can be found here,” said Nelson.

The concierge service will provide visitors to Trinidad and Tobago, from around the world, with a complete Carnival destination package, inclusive of accommodation, ground transportation, fete tickets and the element of Mas on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, with 1One Nation Carnival.

For further information on the 1One Nation Carnival experience, visit their social media platforms @1One.Carnival on Facebook and @1One_Carnival on Instagram.