Shurwayne Winchester

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. July 22nd, 2020 -- While the world clamors for a return of normalcy, strides are being made when it comes to the promotion of Soca music, to global audiences. Shurwayne Winchester, one of Trinidad and Tobago’s humblest yet highly accredited entertainers, will perform virtually, for some 26,000 Canadians on July 27th. Before that, on July 23rd, he’s set to chat about his music and the upcoming performance for the Rogers Mosaic Virtual Carnival 2020, on Toronto’s number one morning show- Breakfast Television on City TV.

Rogers is Canada’s leading technology and media company. It is the corporate brand behind over 53 radio stations, in addition to magazines and television stations. The company, bent on showing its commitment to the diversity and inclusion of all employees, in addition to keeping the company’s culture alive during the Covid-19 pandemic, hosts the Mosaic Virtual Carnival 2020 this month- an event for its employees. Shurwayne’s name was pinned for opening the festival, many vouching for his powerful execution of the Soca genre and his ability to please diverse audiences.

This opportunity for Soca is a major one. “This is a great look for the Soca genre because with all that’s going on in the world, there’s been very little opportunity for artistes and other persons affiliated with the music, to take it out there,” said a Rogers Mosaic Committee member. Kiss 92.5 FM, Canada’s #1 Top 40 radio station is looking to diversify its rotation and Shurwayne’s music and that of other Soca artistes will be added to its rotation.

On July 27th, the day of the virtual festival, Shurwayne will also be interviewed on the Canadian frequency. “This will essentially be the first time that a Soca artiste gets the opportunity to be interviewed on this station,” said the Rogers committee member.

Even as artistes and other members of the entertainment fraternity in Trinidad and Tobago struggle to come to terms with the restrictions maintained by Trinidad and Tobago’s government and health officials amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Shurwayne is in studio. He knows the challenges will eventually subside. “In mid-August, Shurwayne’s set to release a new kind of style- a yardie link up, we’re calling it,” said SWLTD’s music director. The team is confident that Shurwayne has all that it takes to represent the genre perfectly to the Canadian demographic. “It’s always important for people to understand the traditions, the culture, the history of the sound they’re hearing for the first time. Shurwayne’s very capable of this,” he said.

This week and next, all eyes will be on Shurwayne Winchester as he continues to fly the Red, White and Black overseas, even if only virtually.