Melly Rose - Body Good

Melissa “Melly Rose” St Rose in her new single “Body Good” is attacking the topics of self-acceptance, body empowerment and confidence. Her thoughts on the power of black beauty outlines the tone for her recent release. For Rose, “Women of colour are often placed under a microscope and for years we have been fighting to stand out and be accepted and celebrated.”

Being born in the twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and growing up the United States of America Melly has had first-hand experience as a woman of colour. Those experiences and others of close friends and relatives resonated in her mind even when creating this song which is being categorized as a “safe haven.”

Throughout the various scenes in the official music video for “Body Good” black women of varying skin tones and body types can be seen. This intentional illustration is to further provoke the discourse about black women being loved and celebrated regardless of how they look. Rose also sends a clear message to viewers about her support for the global Black Lives Matter movement.

Melly Rose

It is Melly’s hope that through her reassuring vocals and accompanying upbeat production that “Body Good” makes significant progress in changing the mindset of how society views black women.

While she continues to focus on her future musical projects, Rose is also spearhearding a Clothes, Food and Toy drive for children housed at orphanages in Trinidad and Tobago. Since her return to Trinidad and Tobago in 2016 after residing in the USA for 11 years Melly has making notes of her charitable pursuits. Using her influence, Melly hopes that this initiative will encourage others to donate as she strongly believes that “a little goes a long way.”

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