New York, NY (June 11th, 2009) – The International Soca Awards seventh year is titled Lucky Seven and is dedicated to women in the soca music industry.

Deemed Lucky Seven, the Soca Awards Organization Inc. (SAO) has found a befitting title for its seventh annual International Soca Awards (iSA) ceremony.  This award ceremony is a successful long running production in the entertainment industry, and has gained much prestige along the way.  Lucky Seven may be a game of chance, but this award show does not run on chance; it runs on the dedication of passionate individuals who strive to see the best of the Caribbean culture recognized.  Seven is a suitable number in this case as it also draws reference to the diatonic scale in music which is made up of seven pitches.  In the SAO, soca music is the main focus.

Each show has a general focus, therefore tied in to the theme for the iSA 2009 is the dedication to women in the soca music industry.  Don’t be fooled by the title because it is by no luck of the Irish that these women are successful.  It is only by being industrious, educated, and diligent in their field that their talents have been acknowledged.

Currently, several islands are bidding for the iSA 2009 ceremony. Anyone looking for updates can log on to SAO is launching their new website on June 15th 2009.  A very important element to look for is the voting aspect which starts on June 22nd.  The nominees and honorees would be listed and everyone would have an opportunity to vote for his or her favorite artist.

For further information please contact the Soca Awards Organization, Inc. office at (718) 734-5566, (347) 737-5357, (678) 570-6846 or Email: