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What is Cocoa? If you said it’s a fruit, you’re wrong! Cocoa is one of the most insane Jouvert bands out there. This time around they decided to have a J'Ouvert Style Party. Yea I know what you thinking…in de middle of August! Most people were quite surprised actually and some very skeptical. In the end however, it was packed out with nice people having dirty fun, let me say that again…VERY DIRTY FUN!

From the time I stepped into the dance I get rub down in Cocoa, but let me tell you, I took my finger rubbed my head and tasted the Cocoa, and boy was it bitter. Funny enough when you tasted the Cocoa from any of those hot girls it get SWEET…SWEET…SWEET one time…he he. Well it had no way to say it again...J'Ouvert in August. Imagine we walked around Ariapita Avenue and all of Woodbrook without leaving Pier 2. Insane but ingenious!

I was told “not to ruin the camera…you can go up on top the music truck.” Outside with that idea! We decided to wuk hard in de earlies and then secure the camera in the car. Unfortunately the batteries died faster that we planned. Oh well…we then literally jumped in the middle of all the action. It had no segregation here, just one big loving happy sexy delicious family having fun.

Let me tell you one of the problems with Trinidadians. We settle for the same things over and over. We just go parties because it have girls and alco. That’s why things like Cocoa stand out because they try to be innovative. You know what it is for a nice good looking woman or in other cases men (yuck) to rub you down in cocoa. Even Axe can’t help you get clean! Then a massive water truck that comes out and sprays you down with some ladies next to you jumping up...sweet too bad. It’s like wining in the rain with sexy ladies and again in some case men (yuck).

Matter of fact I was showing d’ local Juice how the camera got Cocoa all on it, but man it was definitely worth it! Why? Because it was a one of a kind event that I guarantee you must experience in your life. To me this is how Jouvert should be or a huge part of it.

That’s not even the best part about the Cocoa Crew’s jouvert. It’s that part of their proceeds go to the Just Because Foundation. Meaning it’s more than just the money but they actually care. For more info email them at cocoaparty09@gmail.com  Sorry to all the peeps we didn’t capture as our camera batteries died. TJJ still love you though!!.

So if you are a lover of Jouvert, you definitely found the right place to be this morning.

This is a cocoa covered J2M signing out …

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