Like everyone else Tony “Deejay Trixx” Brown has had many dreams and aspirations, which continue to work themselves out daily. For him music has been his unvarying confidant and after many years of seeking refuge and comfort through music, He has finally accomplished one of his major goals.

Trixx can now be heard on One Caribbean Radio – 620AM, the only legitimate Caribbean Radio station in New York City. One Caribbean Radio – 620AM broadcasts throughout New York City and its’ boroughs as well as New Jersey, Westchester and Connecticut.
Trixx’s Caribbean roots have and will continue to play a major role in intensifying his musical abilities. He credits influences such as Trinidad’s Dr. Hyde, DJ Starchild, and The Duchess; Brooklyn’s Tony Soul and GB; Hip-Hop heads like DJ Rocraider and DJ Evil E and MCs like Daved Levy and Bob Frederick for helping to cultivate and pattern his love for music from the tender age of seven. Now known to many as DJ Trixx, he is no stranger to the Entertainment world, having played throughout the United States of America, London, Jamaica and during Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival festivities.
Trixx helped to create an alliance of soundmen known as Spinnaz Incorporated and after many years of hard work and undying passion they created a name for themselves. The company was originated with the vision of providing expert entertainment services based on their many different areas of experience, with hopes of not only supplying top notched music, but a professionalism that has been missing from the Caribbean music market.
Spinnaz Inc. is one of the most supported sound systems in New York City, having a brother company that provides professional sound engineering and systems (Ultra Audio Sound). When asked what separates him from the rest of DJ’s, Trixx responded “We remain hungry, practicing countless hours to better ourselves and reinvent our craft on a daily basis.”  He continued by saying, “We try to remain both humble and un-phased by any level of success we obtain.” As Trixx continues to be recognized as a competent and professional Disc Jockey by many partygoers and promoters, he shares another triumph; his company Spinnaz Inc was launched in 2004 and officially made a New York Corporation in April 2007. (
As a disc jockey, Trixx has experimented with remixing and has developed a flair for it and is now dabbling in engineering and creating new beats to songs. His beats are distributed to other DJs and record stores throughout New York and the Caribbean. He is a force to be reckoned with and continues to deliver new and fresh beats along with innovative styles of Djing.  So now Trixx has a flair for riddims, what will he do with it, Become a full-time producer? Stay tuned to find out.