From songwriter to one of the most sensational on-stage Caribbean acts, T&T’s Nadia Batson- the Caribbean Girl, breathes and lives music, infecting the world with hit after hit, never slowing down for fear of making the masses stop...

With the 2009 touring season winding down and focus immediately gravitating to the rigours of nightlife and vocal execution in 2010, Batson has once again evoked the spirit of the female carnival lover, offering them the melody and rhythm needed to simply,  “Keep Wining.”

With just the groovy melody that’s needed in the pre-Christmas, pre-Carnival build up to T&T’s wining season, the track produced by Julian Jullio Nelson of the Digital Hit Factory and mastered by Madman Johan, draws close to the edge, yet sweetly stays on the safe side by way of Batson’s well-tuned vocals.

Skilled as she is with the talent of putting pen to paper, Nadie B has given her fans another track that brings with it, a rude smile, a cheerful energy, a whimsical wine- that only Caribbean women can claim.

“Keep Wining,” is the first of many tantalising tracks to come from Batson’s camp, as she is adamant that her music will go beyond the world of soca, beyond even carnival, and into the homes and hearts of all people- no matter race, creed, colour or wining skill level.


Singer/songwriter Nadia Batson, is the epiphany of Caribbean beauty. Her talent has afforded her the privilege of working alongside some of the Caribbean’s most notable musicians and artistes. Batson’s music has spanned borders, creating waves from the West Indies to North America, Canada and Europe. As one of the most prolific female artistes in Trinidad and Tobago, Batson’s music has assisted in shaping the local industry, taking it from the old into the new with tracks like Caribbean Girl, My Posse, One Island and now, Keep Wining.