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Ultimately a great time was had by all!  The music kept on pumping and soon shoes were off and it was action time!Thanks to Shurland and Nicole for accomodating us.  


Definitely fabulous! Trendy styles and gorgeous people milled about this event.  BET J host Jeanille Bonterre was the fabulous host and we spotted Kees Diffenthaler enjoying the vibes.


The venue was located in the financial district, downtown Manhattan.  It was definitely tricky to find because some streets were blocked off.  We had to depend on good ole GPS!  Good grief, parking was a nightmare because of alot night time parking regulations in effect.  I think we walked about 5 blocks... in super high heels.  *sigh* Upon entry the first thing we noticed was the supersized screen with a recording of carnival in Trinidad, the super high ceilings and the lighting.  It was just too bright. The place seemed cold and uninviting and had no decorations to add to what is supposed to be Carnival Friday in NY.


It took a really long time and a few cocktails for the vibe in this fete to pick up.  Everyone just stood around posing, or chatting.  The DJ even mentioned that the dancefloor didn't bite!  Lol! Meanwhile the music was really awesome. Jugglers and Back 2 Basics were turning it out!


The complimentary shots of conac was a nice touch but then we got to the bar and discovered $14 drinks! Ouch!


Admission to this event was $25 in advance but was increased to $30 a week before the event.  Reasonable? We think so. Hey it's the norm nowadays.

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