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Hey all, Ray J here, I know its been a while, but once again we are back, signing in from the Living Room, Arima  at Magnum Tonic Drink – Stone Love. Unfortunately for the promoters and a lot of the patrons, this night in particular had extremely wet weather.   But like a trooper dedicated to the cause I was there along with a wealth of others. Although it was cold outside inside the living room was heating up, as the dance floor was being taken over by the Jamaican dancers and others.

With Magnum Tonic Drink at the forefront it was proven that it is the drink to take, as the tonic girls where the highlight of the night, displaying their acrobatic skills as well as their powers of seduction. These ladies had a lot of guys drooling on themselves…Lol… and of course the Captain of this Jamaican musical journey was none other than Stone Love himself at the turn tables.

With a span of mini competitions, from best dancer to most tattoos, Magnum t-shirts and Magnum Tonic Drinks were given out throughout the night. One dancer in particular nicknamed Michael Jackson Junior, really tore up the dance floor with move after move he WoWed the crowd…he even had the Magnum Girls wanting to dance with him…and so they did!!! Now boy was that entertaining.

And of course in true form and fashion, the night would not have been complete without a Micharl Jackson tribute. Did I mention that MJ-Junior could rell dance…whow that rasta’s gots moves boy..hmm.. with all that great music and loads of dancing, it felt as if the party had just started when we were being told that it was coming to an end, but to my surprise when I looked at my watch it was after 4:00am, and although it started out a bit rocky….it shaped up to be a great party, but like all good things that too came to an end and so I move with the winds onto the next big event.

Till next time peoplez…

Much Love, this your boy Ray-J signing out… Laterz!

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>> View Magnum Tonic Drink – Stone Love Gallery