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Sharon, Marcia and Charisse it's always a pleasure working with you guys. Once again we had a fabolous time the food was on point The decor was cute. It was definitely a nice Spanish vibe blended with our Trinidadian Culture. Great Job!


I always love the crowd that this particular promotion attracts. They cater for the grown "Mature" and sexy.

Honestly this venue isn't one of my favorites mainly because of the toy cops (security). I think they have no manners but without them in the picture the venue would've been an excellent choice.


We arrived really early literally opening the party. A few drinks later the place was Ram jam and it was nothing but niceness. I remember thiefing a small wine in the middle of taking a shot because Sounds 4 Life decided to buss a wicked olidies dub that I haven't heard in ages. At tjj multi-tasking is a must ;-)


The service was nice as usual. The girls always make sure that we are well taken care of. We love them for that.

Since the name was called "Caliente" Spanish food was being served. I've never had a taco in a fete and it tasted pretty darn good too. Nice pick Ladies! The bar service was ok being that the chit system was in full effect. Another person helping to collect money would've been great. At times I got a tad frustrated waiting on line to pay for monopoly money to then walk to the bar an order my drinks. Yea I know I'm being a Diva...lol


The ticktes were only $25 in advance. They got more than $25 dollars worth to me or maybe we should take off a lil five for security annoying people before they could even reach the doors..lol Just Kidding.

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

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