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Do you remember the days of your neighborhood block party? Well Rocky and Friends have brought it back, going into it’s forth year this House Party set in the Western Peninsular of Trinidad Petit Valley to be exact. It has continually brought out the who's who in the community.

The first thing I noticed was the amount of cars filling Leo Bass Avenue and the branch streets. Security was no issue as there where guards with their dogs patrolling right through, so your vehicle was very safe. On entry of the yard, Less Than Zero were holding the musical vibes as people of all ages enjoyed themselves.

Turning to my left, were the appetizers ... couldn’t miss out on that Geera! Drinks were of no shortage, ladies in abundance ... it was one of those events where you could have relisted all of your inhibitions. As one patron told me, vibes real nice ... everybody knows everybody.

Devon and Shot Master J (RED 96.7FM) then took the masses till four in the morning. Patrons left well satisfied.

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>> View House Party 4 Gallery