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Who say Vice?? With so many options on this Miami Carnival Friday night, I was like... screw that, I'm supporting my NY peeps!! The question is, can Miami Vice be as good as Vice in NYC? Let's just say, you could take Vice to Africa and it would still be a party you just can't miss. Huge shout out to meh boys on another fantastic job.


There was a decent sized crowd filled with sexy people. Some familar faces and a few that were new to vice. I'm pretty sure the newbies had a ball. I sure did.


This was the best venue for my entire trip. It was 5 minutes away from my hotel, with valet parking and the Rooftop had a beautiful view of the strip.

At first it was a bit slow... Back to Basics just left and Toronto's D' Bandit was waking the crowd up a bit. Sounds 4 Life is the man that did it for me tonight. I couldn't work anymore as I was too busy wining on everything that passed my way. Great job!

The bar service sucked (to me). Ten minutes for one drink is a bit frustrating especially when it's about 5 chicks behind the bar.

TJJ is always happy when it comes to ShorBlu! :-)

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>> View ShorBlu Events Present Miami Vice Gallery