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This was a 50th Birthday Party and Foundation Launch for graduate of Bishop's Anstey High School (St. Hilary's) in Trinidad, Jennifer L.. Principal then, Ms. S. Shurland (1964–1981), was one of Jennifer's earliest influences. And as she planned to introduce the Foundation to event attendees, Jennifer wanted to give Ms. Shurland her just due in a public forum.That being said, you should surely know what scale of partygoers were up in there!

Jennifer, balanced the event perfectly. There was dancing, an award ceremony, special honours awards and even prizes for the man who could guess the shoe size of the hostesses Cristian L. shoes in UK size. By the way, that male was me! Apart from the venue being gorgeous with space and wonderful seating, the killer for me was the commute in the rain.

Aside from a couple chair warmers, the partygoers were very much involved. All factors considered, a very classy group of people were on hand tonight - some eye candy included! Located on some beautifully decorated tables was a chocolate fountain which had many takers indulging in the sinful lure of chocolate. The food selection was wedding reception like, as well as, the arrangements of fruit. Unfortunatly, no liquor was served.

I missed the meal due to the commute, but the food I did manage to eat was very tasty. I must point out that the plate was mustered up for me as ordered by the Maître D'. The hostess displayed a level of class that was matched by the attendees. This event was definitely one unlike any 50th Birthday Party I could imagine.

Special thank you.

This one is for mom and daughter for being such great sports!

Yours truly,

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