On November 17th, Meiling will present her 2010 Collection at the Trinidad Hilton Ballroom. This collection will continue her journey into a deeper exploration of the theme of ‘The Secret Life of Plants’ which was unveiled earlier this year. Her first examination of this theme was revealed at Fashion Week in Trinidad and Jamaica, Toronto and most recently Dominicana Moda in Santo Domingo.

“‘My inspiration for this collection” says Meiling “ has been the subtle and fragile changes, which emerge with the pressing and aging of cherished flowers and plants”.

On all levels, the collection has kept true to the delicate intensity of the theme. Like the first stages of a pressed flower, the colour palette of the organically dyed fabrics by Lisa Sarjeant is a stunning infusion of faded nudes, soft rose hues, muted burgundies and sombre plums. And, as the plant evolves to another phase in their preserved life, the tints change into bottled greens, faded greys and subdued plums.

 The style of each piece of clothing is also a study of the signature Meiling look married with the beauty of the withering “perfection” of drying flowers. The collection includes jackets and skirts in rich cottons and raw silks, with sharp clean tailoring and surprising ethereal details of raw edges and cotton netting. It also features ultra feminine dresses in soft flowing silks, which possess both a contemporary and vintage feel.

Meiling 2010 is a collection destined to become a classic, ageless collection, which, like an exquisite flower, will be treasured for a long time.

The show will also feature a collection of Anthony Reid’s menswear.

The production team is coordinated by Riddums Productions with participation by Charisse Parsons, Alyson Brown, Wendell Manwarren, Roger Roberts, Anthony Medina and Rhian Vialva.  This production wouldn’t be possible without the help of TSTT- Bmobile, Pantene, Republic Bank, Ferreira’s Optical, Mac Makeup and Hilton Trinidad.

So be part of the experience at the Ballroom of the Trinidad Hilton on Tuesday 17th November 2009 from 7pm.  After show cocktails and wine offered by Vintage Imports. Tickets are available from Meiling’s shop at the Kapok Hilton, phone nr: 628 6205.  Check out her amazing website: www.meilinginc.com