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DV8 has one of the best crowds that can be seen in any city. We were so happy to meet up with long lost friends traveling from all over the US and folks coming up from Trinidad and the Caribbean.  We were also happy to make new sexy friends.  The women were sexily clad and the hair styles by some were crazy as the pictures will show

This venue was fantastic, indirect lighting and many small nookie to get social and intimate.  Personally I enjoyed the venue from last year but do not get me wrong this one too was beautiful.  Here is where it got tricky, the spread venue did not lend very well to the music to travel and fill the party.  We would suggest having music at the bar so we do not feel like we left the party to come back.

This party is not the run to the left and run to the right, climb up a tree or lamppost on command type of event.  If you understand that then we can say that the vibe was nice.  It was what we expected. It is more of a beautiful social and swaying to the music kind of event. A real hug up party as many couples did or those under the influence of the liquid courage was able to quick emulate.

Talk  about a Boss BAR.  This party has one of the best bars where you can drink from a glass in the outdoors with the best types of alcohol that money can buy.  I was getting coconut water earlier in the night and you cannot beat that with a bat.  Anyone who can get that together we must tip our hats to you.  On the food side it was very good if you can find it.  I think signage would help in the future and recall you have thousands of people to feed.  All in all we like to drink and this event served the drink till the last song played.

Service was boss.  I did not have to wait for drink more than 5 minutes.  I love the service.  The food was the same for me but I ate at 11:30.  I did hear that the lines were huge earlier on but that is to be expected. The service kept the lines moving. Good Job.

Gresham and NY Caribbean Vibes gives good value for the money, especially if you like to drink! ;-)

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>> View DV8 Miami 2009 Gallery
>> View Miami Carnival 2009 Coverage