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The Crowd did not fill out this venue but the Capleton and Cocoa Tea supporters of the 90's and today, came out to support their Reggae Artists. Though a bit small, the crowd havd good appeal and was somewhat fashionable.  

The venue is a popular spot and is easily accessible to and from the greater Atlanta area. The temperature inside The Atrium was very good and so to was the cleanliness.

The vibe started off a bit slow but in Atlanta, it is always a late crowd. By 2am, the place was filled and the DJ's did a fantastic job keeping the crowd busy till the live performances that began at 2:35 am. The show started with an unknown artist who spent about 15 minutes on the stage before making way for Jah Thunder. Cocoa Tea followed at 2.50 am and thrilled the crowd. By 3.30 am, the Mix Master DJ came back on and teased the crowd for 20 minutes before Cappleton took the stage at 3.50am and performed energetically for 1 1/2 hours.  

I ate ah best jerk chicken from Bev's Jerk Center, conveniently located in the club for the night.. Drinks were easily accessible as there were several waitresses around. There were three bars in close proximity to the dance floor and stage.

Good service. Promoters....well done!

Value for money was met.

The promoters did a good job in looking out for TJJ.

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

>> View Atlanta One Love Fest 2009 Gallery