(Port-of-Spain, Trinidad – August 27, 2008) Simple rules that embody the spirit of abandoning outdated ideas of good taste being subtle. Instead Hennessy Cognac has fully embraced bold refinement in their latest international campaign Flaunt Your Taste.

Sexy soirees celebrating Hennessy’s Flaunt Your Taste have been hosted in several major cities. Plush red carpet entryways lined with velvet ropes underfoot and Hennessy City Cocktails from Shanghai, Paris, New York, London and Moscow on the lips. Finally, the opportunity to share one’s taste for creativity the Hennessy way has come to Port of Spain. On August 31, 2008; Independence night Hennessy launches another Flaunt Your Taste event at Seacrets Lounge, aboard the luxurious Ocean Pearl, Pier II, Chaguaramas.

The evening promises to be one of pure magic…. an envious guest list of local media and celebrities, talented performances and a display of unforgettable Carnival designs. Guests will have the extraordinary opportunity to experience the distinctive taste of Hennessy Cognac the way it is enjoyed across the continents, a unique blend for each trendsetting metropolis.

Add to all this the pleasure of exquisite hors d’oeuvres delicately prepared by the celebrated in-house Chef Delpesche, whose expertise in fusion leaves the pallet that much more sophisticated. It borders on hedonistic when one considers all of this in the dreamy setting of the Secrets Lounge with its breathtaking view of the western peninsula. Two sleek well-appointed floors and a VIP area ensure ample space for flirting, observing, and flaunting. Although Seacrets is open every Friday and Saturday night and provides the relaxing atmosphere of a real Manhattan style lounge, Flaunt Your Taste promises to once a month to attract the trendsetting debonair icons of our social fiber.

All this beautiful organized fuss is only an introduction to the Flaunt Your Taste concept party series that will be held at Seacrets on the last Saturday of every month starting September 27. Emerging talent and established artists will be featured every month as part of Hennessy’s deep rooted support of the music industry and passion for a global mixing of music, tastes and people. A team of Hennessy trained bartenders will always be on guard to showcase aromatic long drinks and signature cocktails prepared with the world’s premiere cognac.

So as to ease your guilty conscience from all this indulgence, Hennessy and the event promoters have collaborated with the St. Mary’s Orphanage in Tacarigua, and have committed to donating twenty percent of door proceeds from each monthly party to various charity organizations. This follows the Flaunt Your Taste fashion show held at Club Zen earlier this year, when a contribution was made to another charity – The Pearl and Bunty Lara Foundation.

The invitation is yours from the House of Hennessy and the seventh generation of Cognac Connoisseurs…. Come…flaunt your taste. For additional information www.flauntyourtaste.com

"Nothing great is achieved without passion. It is in the ability to live beyond the reasonable that life becomes art"

...so reads entry number one of the Hennessy Manifesto.