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Special shout out to Natalie. Her parties never flop. People made it out through the snow storm the weekend before, and still enjoyed themselves, and even more made it out in the rain.

There was no winter blizzard to stop us this weekend. Dear Santa had an amazing turnout this weekend, despite the abundance of rain that fell Saturday evening. The sexiest of sexy people came out to enjoy their Boxing Day with Caribbean flavor. The venue was filled with a nice mixed crowd of beautiful faces.

Kai Studios is located in a secluded block, but finding a park was frustrating. We circled the blocks for sometime. Every vacant spot was either a fire hydrant or 'No Parking' in front of a warehouse. We did not find a spot nearby but we made it to the party after skipping over rain puddles, and it was well worth it. Kai Studios has definitely got to be one of the best venues we been to. Stylish and chic for the sexy crowd that attended. There was more than enough space to move around comfortably with lounging space towards the back, near the bar, and more space for relaxation on the second level, overlooking the party scene. The cleanliness was a plus, but more restrooms would have been even better because the lines got pretty lengthy.

The vibe started off very laid back, like a social mixer. Everyone stood around with drinks in hand, engaging in conversation. Over by the bar, you could barely hear the music, it faded into the background. All you could hear is chatter and laughter. Later on in the night, the vibes picked up few notches when Sounds 4 Life came to rescue, playing a line up of tunes that got everyone bussin a whine!

Drinks were plentiful at the bar! Well stocked with all of the top shelf liquor that one can dream of. Such a chic venue meant drinks were a bit expensive but that did not stop people from ballin' outta control, and buying by the bottle. There was also a wide variety of hor d' oeuvres making its way around both levels the entire night.

It was beyond easy getting inside. No hassle, no line, no waiting. We just breezed through. Security was extremely nice and courteous. Shout out to the beautiful ladies who worked the party the entire night, serving up hor d' oeuvres and engaging in convo's with patrons with smiles.

$25 for advanced tickets were worth it to party in style for this after Christmas celebration.

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