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It is Saturday 22nd May 2010 ... Champions League Final People .... what we doing? we watching Inter Milan defeat Bayern Munich at a score of 2-0 in a Champions League Final - what next? put on your white clothes and we heading out to party at the annual Carnival Glow fete in Berlin ... oh yes folks ... I am in Berlin Carnival also known as Karneval Der Kulturen ... my crew lock down tight - we are being directed by the mastermind himself, D-One, and we being entertained whole trip by Gersh & Wello whose performance of the Beethoven Symphony No.5 on the keyboard and snare drums is to DIE for ... literally!
You have to wear white folks. It is a glow party - there is no strict rule that you must wear white but still blend in - make sure you look the part - even if it is a white pants alone - or just a white bandana on your head - or a full white dress with a white batty rider (because you know you like to wine down low) - YOU MUST WEAR WHITE!! Party starting at 10:00pm and finishing when the sun rise!  This dance is brought to you by Yard & Bohannon where? Festsaal Kreuzberg! What kind of venue layout to expect tonight - all I know is that there has to be a stage ... for all my trinidadian readers - this venue has a Club Zen finish without the bar in the centre but instead the bar is in the back - so you entering from the right and left side and then you see the big stage infront of you with the DJ Decks following by an upstairs decor where you can look over and see the patrons in the main area enjoying themselves and teasing you more or less to come downstairs and enjoy the bacchanal! Fans were present and definitely a good thing even though that will never stop the perspiration, it will never stop the rag waving and sweat wiping ... we are humans ... sweating means a good time is being had!!

Let me now laydown a few facts before I dive into the bacchanal and vibe:
  • the service at the door to get in was brilliant, pay your money, get your band, come and shake yuh batty;
  • even to go in and out of the party was no hassle, I even had to go outside and give a few bands to some peoples outside (Holland Massive ... Big Up Yuhself!!)
  • the bar downstairs was very well staffed - with about four (4) people manning the crowds - and knocking drinks out left right and centre - I heard not one (1) complaint about the bar staff - no food - but is a party - so food is not necessary - yuh had most beers yuh wanted in berlin and your spirits was there as well ... prices were not horrible either - they were infact well priced - people definitely kept going back and forth to the bar
  • True Testimonial - I do not know what time it was (Tipsy!!) - lets say late - Wello went to the bar and came back with three (3) drinks in about two (2) minutes ... so service was definitely on point!
  • at fifteen (€ 15.00) euros for entry ... this event was worth every cent ... yes every cent!

With a line up from Soca Heaven - we have scheduled for the DJ decks - D-One Jam Masters, Hendrik Sievert, Barney Millah, Mash Up Crew, Soca Twins: Boone & Franky, & DJ Tate ... man I was anxious ... I have been told so much about this event that it has to be the best event for the Berlin Carnival. Let's not forget ... Mr. Gamal Doyle ... the energetic soca artiste from St. Vincent ... better known as Skinny Fabulous ...  with his Anthem For Berlin Carnival 2010 in TJJ books .... "Like Ah Pack Ah Duracell ... We charge up! We charge up!"

STOP ... we aint reach that part of the party yet!

I had to go early to gears up and take in the sights and of course listen to D-One warm up the party right before midnight - however - Barney Millah already had the few patrons dancing and rolling their buttoms on the dancefloor from long time ... Barney Yuh Large ... Yuh Not Purple But Yuh Large ... Big Up!!!!! Up next we had the massive big and bold Mash Up Crew who without a doubt, yes I am going to say it, MASH UP the place ... !!! By minutes after two in the morning we had Soca Twins on the decks encouraging folks to Palance, get on wassy and stink and basically have no behaviour ... The crowd tonight was super uber duper ridiculously friendly and sexy ... all crews and crews finally reach from all over for the Berlin jump up and they all must go one fete ... Holland Massive yuh large and in charge as you hold down the fort on the left ... even going on the stage to take a wine and bend down low .... trust meh these folks cause it in front the stage.... The Wukkup Terrorists ... PACE .... one word ... PACE ... that fort you lot controlled in the middle of the dancefloor ... nobody could test ... only a selected few were allowed to stay within the walls of that fortress ;) ... I think this is the only time where we could say "Terrorists We Love You!!"

Mention must be made to Scrappy who gave us a simple rendition of his song "Start To Bounce" even mixing it in with DJ Tate who gave us his extempo version of it ... that man wild ... oh and he is very all about DJ Tate ... I rate you papa! Promote Yourself!

"I under me rum, I under me liquor, I drinking out the vodka ....gringo, you have no idea what you are up against ha! boom! ... "Like Ah Pack Ah Duracell ... we charge up! we charge up!"
Skinny Fabulous performance raised the roof tonight ... singing all his hits from "On The Spot" to "Duracell" ... doing a melody of most of the songs on the Gutter Riddim ... that alone had the crowd on its toes and screaming ... asking girls to come and touch his ribs ... even correcting DJ Tate and telling him ... uhm ... "One Hundred And Thirty Five Pounds !!!!" ... but it aint done yet ... in comes Problem Child and he must mash up the place with his track that I don't think will ever die ... "No More Sleep 'Til Carnival Done ... Ayeee Ahhh!" .... Guys, please do a wicked collaboration ... you already have the chemistry on stage ... make it happen!!!!! By this time I am wondering, what more can I ask for really? Drinks flowing ... oh yes I have been drinking loads of beer ... whether it be a bottle of Becks or a bottle of Pilsener ... tipsy and feeling good ... Skinny on stage making girls go crazy ... DJs on the ones, twos & mac book fruit playing ALL the right tunes so you could get that bessss flexxxx out on a nice round bamseee ... what more can you ask for????? really ....!!! Respect has to be paid to D-One I underestimate you sometimes ... international rasta disc jockey ... don't watch him too slight ... cause he will make sure you wrap up on a bamsee whole night with the music he plays ... you see if you lacking a wine/dance whole night ... guarantee you that D-One will make ah dance happen!!!! Dr. Jam Masters ... !!!!!!!

This Shenanigan from Soca Heaven is one of the best parties in the world .... towards the end of the night's events ... the DJs knew which songs to play, they knew which tunes to keep people dancing, to keep people buying more drinks, wanting to stay in the party, music to keep the small follies going strong, music to make each and every interaction worth the trip to this party! It was by far the best party for the Berlin Carnival ... nothing could refute this ... nobody could say otherwise ... I did not see one unhappy customer ... I swear it was bliss ... really and truely ... TJJ endorses this party to its highest and I can guarantee that I will always be there ... I recommend it to any carnival chaser - they must attend this party ... even if you land saturday morning or saturday night for the Berlin weekend - you must attend this boogie!

As always, we left the party with daylight breathing down on us, and your eyes have to re-adjust to the new lighting ... what an experience ... what a great night... the weekend is not finished yet ... the crew enjoying it so far ... later on in the day is the true madness ..

Amiel aka Scorn Juice
... worth the bitter after taste

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