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1st thing People, before I start this ... BIKINI CRUISE was a BESSSSSSSSSSSSS Boat Ride! For my 1st time in Grenada, 1st Spice Mas, 1st Carnival Boat Ride, ohhhhh gawd, the Bikini Cruise impressed me in EVERYWAY!!!! But let's calm down, I need to tell you about my day.

After having had two or three hours of sleep after the Soca Monarch Finals and De Permit Fete, no time to sleep or relax at the hotel, TJJ was already back on track for what would be a CRAZY DAY. Since the previous week in Barbados for Crop Over 2k10, we heard a looooot about this boad ride. The event WE COULDN'T MISS under any circumstances or excuses, and therefore we were anticipating great fun and a nice experience. And at the end, nooooo joke, the surprise was huge, 200% worth it!

So here we go... the meeting point was in the capital, St. George's, along the Carenage .... Traffic, traffic, traffic!!!!!  Where the dock was, it was not an easy place to find parking... but reaching the spot, lots of people actually came out despite the crappy weather. Although our Saturday got off to a bad start .... pouring rain, grey skies, chilly wind... real weather for a 20 toes lime in bed (lol), nothing could stop TJJ and partygoers on hand! You done know, we are waterproof certified! The tornado is ready to mash up de place.

On the dock, two boats were waiting for us. And in watching the names of the boats, it already gave us a flavour of what would be the day: RHUM RUNNERS,  mmmmmm that speaks for itself. Will we survive? The boat ride hosted by SummerCrew, celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, was organized with two boats - the red boat for 'VIPs' and the blue boat for 'Regulars'. With both SOLD OUT for a long time now, guess which one we choosed? ;-)

TJJ knows how passionate I am about BIKINIS ... Bikini, I love you, Bikini, de sweetest ting ever!! And what better place for Bikini Cruise than on a boat! Surrounded by beautiful people, with ladies dressed in their bikini best, we boarded on the VIP boat, Premium Drinks inclusive, with my yellow SummerCrew cup in de hand gawwwddd ... I gotta feeling that today is gonna be a blast!

Around 12:30 - 1:00pm we left the Carenage, heading the north of the island, and what an amazing, outstanding landscape, from the sea Grenada is beautiful, calm water, no swell, no wind, and guess who's back? ... DE hot hot sun, finallllllyyy... it was about time! That just turned de day even better.

The chunes were nothing else but  BOOOMMMBASTIC, the real talented DJ gave us maddd music, some mix between Grenada 2010 soca, Trini hits, Lucian, Bajan, and a slice of international set. The crowd got rhellllllll on bad, splashing water all over, winning like crazy, women being lifted... I think they must have put something in the drinks, yes!!  Even though the VIP Boat was small, what an ambiance, it was like taking a corner of BIM's Booze Cruise and putting it on smaller boat... VIBEESSS!

This little boat, with a 100 or 150 people brings the ambiance at an extrem level. We "Palance", We got inna circleee and formed a "Tornado", We jammed every gyal dat we meet on de boat ("Jammin On De Road") ... ah tell yuh, De whole place mashhhh up!! Between some lunch (decent food soaking the alcohol, de bess... ahahah) and some wining, 5:00pm came very fast ... sniifffff ... time to head back to the docks.

After hearing about this Bikini Cruise several times on the internet and during Crop Over, I now know what all the hype is about ... What an amazing couple of hours!!! I would have never believed that Grenada was like this, I felt soooo blessed for this experience. I had loads of fun, I met new people and now new friends. I truly couldn't wipe the smile off my face! This boat ride definitely goes down in my book as one of the best fetes of the Caribbean. And in a emotional note, I feel very proud to be West Indian, cause we definitely know how to PARTY HARD and mash up a place (but in a good way people).

Thanks a lot SummerCrew, BIKINI CRUISE was BESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Count on us next year... actually, please just reserve 4 spots on the VIP boat for 2011 one time (and yes, we plan on visiting the other boat aka 'the jamishness boat' too) ... we be jammin' again with you guys.

Frenchie Juice aka Camel

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