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Special mention to Grace Foods Inc for the their tent were you could get snacks and coconut water and juice. Urban Vino for starting you off right with a sampling of their wine selections as soon as you entered.  The Cameron Law Group for their sponsorship of the vent and Vanessa James for lending her sultry voice and hosting this event for a worthy cause. We have to say this was one of the BEST events for 2010, cant wait for next year.

The crowd sized looked like it doubled from last year.  One of the most diverse crowds at any South Fl event for the year, everybody came out for this event and they were all looking quite stylish.  Most decked out in their pink outfits showing their support for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation and Breast Cancer awareness. 

The Hall is right on the intercoastal water way in the Ft Lauderdale beach area, making it one of the most scenic and ideal event venues for an evening event.  Parking within the Hall grounds is very limited, so if you dont arrive early you will have to try your luck with public parking.

OASIS is really a Tale of Two Fetes; the early session takes place outside on the lawn of the Hall.  Folks gathering around their coolers, under the tents and in some of the reserved outdoor lounge areas, just vibsing to the sounds from the DJs having a time.  However, when night falls everyone moves inside where the vibes goes up quite a few notches; maybe its the close proximity to all the intoxicated party goers, maybe lights, maybe its the pulsating music.  Whatever it is, once you step into the hall is Jamishness time...vibes for so!!!  Because there was almost twice as many people this year, inside the hall was hot, the solution was to just drink and wine some more.

If for some reason you decided to come to a 'cooler fete' without your stocked cooler, there is a small cash bar on the inside utilizing a chits system for those few people.  Otherwise fete is BYOCooler.  As usual there were food vendors on site selling caribbean dishes.  Kamla's Bake n Shark & Doubles which always sells out.  Barbican Square Jamaican Restaurant.  Chef of Distinction, all keeping the people fed and the food to alcohol levels balanced.

$25 early bird tickets and $30 for a Cooler Fete, you cant go wrong at OASIS.

-Party McFly

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>> View OASIS Charity Cooler Fete 2010 Gallery