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There were quite a few flight attendant costumes, a number of Avatar characters and a couple dressed as Mario and Luigi (young lady that guy is a keeper)  However Walshy wins for his Geico Money costume.

Thousands of people, most of whom are sexy smallies in skimpy costumes, what more do you want than that??  This event keeps growing year after year and the crowd quality is always top par.

Gulfstream Park is centrally located in Hallandale Beach making it a very convenient location.  There are litterally thousands of parking spaces for free and valet parking if you wish so that is never a problem and with the fountain being right in the middle of the courtyard there is no way you could not find the party.  The fountain in the middle meant you had to walk around the circle to get to the other side, but that just meant taking the scenic route and seeing more smallies.

The sounds were provided by the likes of Black Chiney (Supa Dups & Walshy Fire), Renegade Sound and Barrie Hype.  So there was a good mixture of music something for everybody to enjoy.  With events of this size in outdoor venues, there is usually a chill social vibe, but with the cast of DJs you bound to hear your song to make you dance.

Always an All Inclusive (free drinks),  you get your MASK mug as you enter and head directly to one of the two main bars which were well staffed.  Or, you could head to the VIP bar, but honestly the staff outside were moving pretty quickly so the wait was never that long, so you didn't spend too much time at the bar.

Entrance and smooth and quick.

$45 in Advance for free drinks.... but ... and there is always a but ... if you pay at the door you will feel a pinch in your wallet.

Spudz McKenzie

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>> View MASK Halloween 2010 Gallery