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THE FOAM FETE IS BACK !!!!!.... and back with a vengeance.

The highly anticipated and long awaited FOAM FETE made its return to KOOLHAUS this weekend and was a resounding success leaving many to briefly wonder what was the reason for the hiatus. Whatever the case this event is definitely a MUST ATTEND if you are to be considered a true Fete Connoisseur.

Loud Mout Chiney kicked things off warming up the crowd, many of whom were chomping at the bit to get inside the the foam (possibly to clean up they "DUTTY WINE") that had formed a 18ft mountain of suds.

At exactly 12:00 midnight Caribbean time (12:15 Canadian) the order was given to open the gate amidst numerous cautions for care to be taken when Foam Wining .

DJ 2Touch and Dirty Dez later took over and further whipped the crowd into a frenzy with a string of musical assaults. Next up was Marksman and Eman who combined to scratch the itch of all in attendance. This was a perfect combination to introduce the man of the hour, BENJAI who had Dr JAy as his wingman as he went through all of his hits. To make a long story short..had you not attended this weekends event you will be haunted by this fact every time you shampoo your hair, wash your car, see children blowing bubbles or do anything else that generates foam or suds. So save yourself the therapy money and buy your tickets early because the FOAM FETE IS BACK...and here to stay.

-Jungle Stallion

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