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KOS J'ouvert 2012 Review

It has been said in the past and it is indeed worth repeating. Dr Jay and the KOS family has the only true, legitimate, authentic, for-real for-real  J'Ouvert celebration in Canada. This years 2012 presentation was no exception and lived up to that which has become the ...

7 years and going strong. This event usually kicks off the Toronto Carnival  Week signalling the fact that the countdown has begun. There is a reason (2 actually) why West Indians would go to a fete in the middle of a work-week without any concern.
1. Is carnival week..and 2. IS CARNIVAL WEEK

Whiteout 2012 Review

A line-up of the hottest DJs in Toronto is nothing new..... A jam-packed KOOLHAUS is nothing new.... The sexiest women barely dressed in white is nothing new.....A 250 pound + member of the soca warriors crew diving off stage into a ...

Sunset 2012 Review

SUNSET has definitely earned its  MUST ATTEND designation with its track record of consistently delivering a high quality entertainment. This year was no exception...

Foam Fete Review

THE FOAM FETE IS BACK !!!!!.... and back with a vengeance.

Move over Amitabh Bachchan....Move over  Sahshi Kapoor and make room for BOLLYWOODS latest sensation ...

RACE GONE!!!! and out in front is the Saldenah Mas K club......could they hold on an cop a 17th title? Time will tell.....

Wikipedia defines an AFTERSHOCK as a smaller earthquake that occurs after a previous large earthquake, in the same area of the main shock. Therefore if Trinidad Carnival 2012 was the Main earthquake registering a 10 on the richter scale, AFTERSHOCK, hosted by D'Bandit, was ever so close to ...

For those suffering from  ACWD (Acute Carnival Withdrawal Disorder), Dr Jay and the new KOS dispensed the appropriate medication and dosage in the form of TORONTO CARNIVAL PLEASE STAY at Home Nightclub on Friday 12th August 2011.

Big People Fete 2011 Review

One of the hottest events of the season featuring the highly anticipated lone performance of Kes the band and others who did not disappoint.
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