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I had such at time! This fete raised the bar high and the Thief Head Crew (THC) didn't disappoint.

The crowd was the best of best... Classy, sexy and HOT! I was on boat 1... the one with the sexy men! :-)

Place was normal - clean and had a courteous staff.

Apparently Buenos Dias Boatride sells out every year for a reason... pure vibesssssss!! Let's just say, when the party done ... I was SAD! The DJs had the crowd on their feet the entire time, the second level was ram and the drinks were proper. The only thing I didn't understand was why there was no music on the top level?? :-/

Food was good, but the line was too long. The drinks were great... the bartenders knew what they were doing.

THC ... keep on doin' wha ya doin'!! TJJ will see you at their next event.


>> View Buenos Dias Boatride 2012 Gallery