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Imagine artistes like Machel Montano & the HD Family, Kes The Band, Ravi B from Karma, KI, Kerwin Du Bois, Shal Marshall, T.C, Benjai + Sexy crowd, Spacious Location, Big Stage, Pure Vibes= RAVE 2012. Boom!!!!  There were many fetes available in Miami on Carnival Saturday and the choices may be based on weather conditions and venue. However, RAVE was the place to be!!! I would definitely recommend RAVE as a TOP priority. You have to be mad to miss this one next year. Despite the threatening conditions, party-goers braved the rain and came out in their numbers. Level excitement, impressive line-up, enthusiastic crowd and “plenty vibes and plenty action”….. “Rain, Rain go away… TJJ and RAVE come out to play”!!!

Despite the inclement weather, you would think plastic ponchos and rain boots will be the dress code in effect. Ummmm nope!!!!. The sexy ladies donned sandals, wedges, heels, barely-there tops, shorts, skirts, fitted pants and dresses much to the delight of the guys who didn’t disappoint as well. . At first I was a bit lonely as my TJJ family was not at the venue with me but the Scorn Juice, Daddy Juice and Frenchie Juice look-alikes made me feel right at home. Level eye food noted!!! My brain cells were raving with excitement. The sizzling crowd burnt up the venue as the beautiful people took advantage of the courtyard, indoor, balconies and stage side. Women outnumbered the men as this should be the prerequisites of all fetes.  Rave sure lived up to it name as high praise was given to the crowd’s sex appeal and diversity.

Did the drizzle, glistening skin and cool air dampen the Rave spirit? I don’t think soooo!!!! Yuh cyar party hard for Miami carnival and not expect some wetting!!! Security and police patrol were evident from the entrance of the parking lot. This made it easier to find and fit into parking spaces. VVIP had their special parking space and valet parking was also available.  The entrance to the fete appeared to have some confusion as party- goers were not sure which lane to stand in to gain faster access to the madness on the inside. Either the signage was not completely visible or people were too anxious to get inside.  RAVE was held in Hialeal Park and offered both an outdoor and indoor location. If you plan to rent-ah-tile and dance in one spot for the whole night, this is not the place for you. RAVE offered multiple levels of excitement: stage side, courtyard, 2nd and 3rd floor balconies, VVIP and VIP.  The huge stage allowed clear views from any angle. Sound system was on point and the crowd enjoyed every minute of it. TJJ reached the dance in true Trini timing: fashionable late but in time for the jammin’.  Music pumping, waistlines moving and hearts racing. Rain, what rain? The delusion of rain made the crowd sizzle more with anticipation for the next performer: Machel Montano and HD Family.

Check this out: Artistes like Machel and HD family, Kes The Band, Ravi B from Karma, KI, Kerwin Du Bois, Shal Marshall, T.C, Benjai and Skinny Fabulous to name a few, Bess DJs, sexy crowd, tremendous space, beautiful venue, plenty parking, food, drinks, ……need I say more? Ok just a bit more: Ideal vibes despite the rainy weather. Machel and HD family mash up the place, intense aerobic work-out, steam coming from the crowd, sizzling waistlines, smiling faces, energetic crowd captivated by each performer and following every beat and direction given. RAVE Miami 2012= Priceless!!! Please be advised;  RAVE can be an addiction which can leave you with an euphoric feeling until your next fix in 2013. It can leave you with feelings of depression and delusions and it gets better every year!!

Bars lined the back of the general admission section, VVIP had their own private air-conditioned bar and grill with a delectable spread of food, and bars were located on the balconies as well. All patrons were able to have fast access to drinks and it was back in the jammishness stage side. TJJ had all access to all sections so a lil food was dusted off and onto the stage for more action. Special mention must be given for the VVIP section as all VVIPers were very happy with the service, nonstop drinking and never ending food. Couches and tables were provided for comfort but the vibes in the VVIP showed these couches were just props to balance oneself and to multi-task: wining on a bumsee, holding ah cup and eating at the same time. Mad skillz!!!

TJJ received no other complaints apart from the lines at the entrance of the venue. All patrons appeared delighted and received their drinks and food in a timely manner. I personally loved the actual cold coconut which was spiked by my crew and served with a straw. Happiness in a nutshell literally. By 2am there wasn’t a spot in the outdoor venue that was not completely occupied by couples and crews. Most people used the indoor area to gain access to restrooms, to meet up more members of their crew and to buy t-shirts and photos from the various booths available.  My advice: do not attempt to pass through the crowd in front the stage and not join in the fun. If you get caught in it, take ah wine, bruck out, go down low, jump up, wave and simply free yuhself.

Tickets cost $35 for General Admission, $45 for VIP and $100 for VVIP. Many people took advantage of the $100 for 4-fete bands which was a great deal as well.  Prices for each sections differed if bought online or from committee members/ stores. However, the prices were right on target for such a great venue and fete.  As always suggested by TJJ, only YOU can ensure you have the BESS time with you crew. Don’t worry about the rain, the lines to get in…come early, mark your territory, fill your spot with drinks, lose yourself, your mind and make yuh name in this fete. 

RAVE is definitely an event you cannot miss next year. If you did this time, your loss!!! Major fun and excitement, orgasmic vibes and an incredible line up of performers and DJs. Shout out to Islands United and Island Mix for a job well done.  Thanks for taking care of TJJ on the inside. RAVE : High praise on all performances, large scale party with a massive crowd, raging with intensity, lasting all night long and raving outta control. What more you want?

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-Cali Juice

>> View 3rd Annual R.A.V.E - A Real Artist Vibe Experience Gallery
>> View Miami Carnival 2012 Coverage