Trinidad, WI: Kerwin Dares You To Jump Into The Pressure-Cooker... BUT... Hold On.

When the idea to host a series of competitions crossed Kerwin Du Bois’ mind, he was unprepared for the tremendous support that he is currently receiving. The idea to give “youths” the opportunity to make a name for themselves in the industry has been playing in his mind from quite some time and it became mandatory in his books to offer a platform for those interested.

“I know the struggle and I understand the frustrations that we as creative people have when trying to make a name for ourselves” said Du Bois. He added, “While it is not an easy road, if I can open a door or two for talented youths I am going to do that.” In saying that Du Bois is sharing two things with you; Pressure Cooker will take place post carnival and the stakes have gotten higher.

His explanations are quite simple, because of the overwhelming support from both hopeful competitors and established artistes who are now interested in getting involved the competition. That’s right, more established artistes means more opportunities for those interested in competing. “A lot of my colleagues in the industry approached me when they heard of the competition and expressed their interest in wanting to provide opportunities as well” shared Du Bois.

Pressure-Cooker remains the brainchild of Du Bois and he remains devoted to providing opportunities where he can for upcoming talents. Sit tight, as soon as Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival is over all the relevant information will be made available to all interested parties.

Kerwin believes in the best and always aims to give his best... this competition is no different.