Today is World AIDS Day.  I personally don't think that there is enough coverage today on what should be a day of awareness and reflection.  With the Carnival season fast approaching, today, I'm spending alot of time thinking about AIDS and the Caribbean.  This year, when I went to Cropover, I went with my cousin to pick up my costume and was surprised to discover that my cousin, a MAD chocolate man, had a condom included in his costume bag.  I looked through mine and saw that I had gotten nothing.

Did he get a condom in his bag because he's a guy?  Are condoms strictly a man's responsibility? I don't think so.  I think women should carry condoms as well and am offended and MAD that I hadn't received a form of protection in my costume bag!!  We are young adults in a world where sex and drug use is glorified, from the television we watch, to the movies, to the music.  What are we teaching our youth?  You will never hear someone in the mainstream talk about safe sex. You'll hear "o yeah baby let me put it on you" but never "let's be safe".  Ladies and Gents, both you and me should carry condoms.  This way if your partner isn't prepared, you know you are. 

Often times we think we are untouchable.  That we won't be able to get such a disease...well think again. All it takes is one mistake.  The next time you are in a situation where unsafe sex is presented, stop and think "Is this really worth me risking my life over?".  Love yourself enough to get tested and spread the word. 

Everyday should be World AIDS Day.
365 Days A Year...use protection
                              be informed
                              be smart
                              love safely