Today is a slap a ho day.  You ever have one of those?  One of those days where you're just so MAD that you may take out the first person you see?  Well that's what I'm feeling like today and that's why today's topic is dedicated to the letter B....B is for "Bam Bam Holes".  A MAD Cinnamon woman and I recently had a conversation about a man she likes and how he now has a girlfriend.  She now feels bad about herself, like there's something wrong with her....Sighhhhhhhhh, steeeups.  You know we've ALL been there!

First off, I know I'm fabulous.  Any "Bam Bam Hole" who doesn't think that I am and doesn't want to be with me for whatever reason...well that's their problem. Of course I say this now but, the first reaction that naturally comes to my mind is "What's wrong with me?  What does she have that I don't?"  This usually comes before the I know I'm fabulous line.  Then follows the eating of a pint or two of ice cream, chips and salsa, chinese food and ting ting ting.  But after all this, the answer is simple, nothing is wrong with us.
We all want to be loved, and the truth is, sometimes we can't get who we desire...A friend of mine was dating this "Bam Bam Hole" of a gyal he must have picked up on d side of the road because lawwwd behavior on this chile was crazy.  I immediately asked what was wrong with him!  How can he, a man with style, class and intelligence, be with her, a gyal who is clearly not the brightest crayon in the box?  To this day I don't know what the attraction is.  I do know that nothing is wrong with the other friend of mine that liked him.  She had everything going for her but felt bad about not gaining the affection of this boy...all this means is that something better is waiting for her.  We have to remember that Mr./Ms. Right doesn't necessarily mean Mr./Ms. Right NOW (especially when Mr./Ms. Right NOW may be a Snaggletooth). 

Sometimes it's hard to resist the Mr. or Ms. Right Nows and I will admit that I've fallen victim to one or two in my life but always remember you are worth it and if there is a Mr./Ms. Right Now that comes along and does you wrong....let the MADness out especially if they aren't the brightest color in the box :)


-Mad Red Woman