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: XEN ft. Bunji Garlin
Promoter: DC Carnival Experience
Location: Howard Theatre, Washington D.C. 
Date: Saturday June 27th 2015

As a 2-Time graduate of Howard University it's always good to return to DC.  And it provides me with even more joy and pride to be able to see one of the best soca artists on the planet perform at my school during the DC Carnival weekend. 

On June 27, 2015 the man we all know as Bunji Garlin graced the stage of the Howard Theater in Washington, DC.  Before his arrival the packed house of the Howard Theater were graced with the sounds of soca, reggae and a hint of R&B from DJs Private Ryan and PanTrin Vybez

The Start

The doors opened at 9pm and the party got started around 10am. Bunji did not perform until 1am but that did not seem to matter to most. Most, came to party and Bunji's performance was really inconsequential to the total assessment of the evening. Although his presence was expected and would have been a disappointed if he didn't show, the vibes of he crowd were not dependent on his presence or the lack thereof.

With that being said, when Bunji did reach the stage, his performance was classic Bunji.  Not only did he sing his hits but he also dropped one of the most ridiculous freestyles that I've ever heard him drop. He found out that it was some young lady's birthday in the crowd who was close to the stage and just started providing her with a birthday freestyle. To say that it was "Hot" is a severe understatement.

Bunji ran through all of his hits and had a great rapport with the crowd. His ability to interact with the crowd is superb. He talks with the crowd, gets feedback and get them involved. Not so much so that he's not performing but just enough so that there is a maximum level of engagement.

The Finish

All in all, the event was a success.  It was a solid fete within the whole DC carnival weekend.  There are some fetes that I would most definitely do again and some that I would not, this one was a good one but for me not a deal breaker for the weekend.  It was a solid fete. It's just hard to feel about it the way I did about Ultra Glow. After coming off of Ultra Glow the night before this fete had a hard time sitting in the seat of judgement after that fete.  I mean, Xen ft. Bunji Garlin was GOOD.  It's just that Ultra Glow was GREAT. 

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"
Instragram - @TheCarnivalDoctor

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