TRIBE Band Launch is Done.

St. Lucia Carnival is Done.

And now many are looking at the
FEATURED EVENTS listing and asking themselves, "What's Next?"

For many, that answer is CROPOVER!!

As one of the MAJOR locations on the World Carnival Calendar, Cropover is the highlight for many revellers across the globe.

Therefore, it is the job of The Carnival Doctor to make sure that you are armed with the correct information, especially if you are a carnival virgin. 

The key with carnival virgins is to make sure they are not overwhelmed. If you are a carnival veteran, you may find this information somewhat redundant, a little bit helpful, but most importantly worthy of passing on to a fellow carnival virgin so that you can have a conversation about what to do and where to start as it relates and pertains to Cropover.

So with that being said.... Let's begin!

Cropover, Perhaps?

If you ever find yourself in doubt about what you should do or where you should go for carnival, all you have to do is do a quick search on Google, Bing or Yahoo and type in "trinijunglejuice, (the name of the carnival)" and you'll find what you need. 

Case in point.

For those of you who are going to Cropover in Barbados this year or are still kicking the tires on the idea and are looking forward and toward Cropover 2015, well just go to Google and type in "trinijunglejuice, cropover" and search. You will damn near find out everything that you need to know from fete lineups to fete ratings to pictures and road reviews.

In terms of 2015, it's not possible to list every single party that will occur for Cropover.

But here are some of the fetes that are sure to not disappoint.

Some Cropover
Fete Recommendations

Beach House - Thursday, July 30 2015

The first time that I was introduced to the Beach House brand was in Trinidad in 2012. I've been hooked ever since. The quality is the awesome and the fete experience is super classy. It's truly a "big people party."  If you get into Barbados early, this is a fete you should seriously look at attending.

Crank - Friday 31st July 2015, 4pm

Crank is another themed fete run and governed by the global carnival experts of TriniJungleJuice. ARRIVALS during Miami Carnival 2014 was superb. Then MENTAL in Trinidad was an excellent follow up and know the TJJ team is hosting its BIM themed fete, CRANK.

CRANK has been promoted and heralded as "the best Cropover, Foreday Morning Jumpstart available."  It will begin on Friday 31st July 2015 at 4pm and end around 10pm.
The party is DRINKS INCLUSIVE.  Because the team at TriniJungleJuice is in tune with the needs of the carnival goer,  there will be Male and Female showers and changing rooms available on premise so you can go straight from CRANK to Foreday Morning!

Or...... from CRANK to AMBush.  :-)

AMBush - Saturday August 1, 2am

First and foremost, I would like to explain the AMBush experience but I would do nothing but insult the founders, committee members and staff. I cannot properly put the AMBush experience into words nor any party or fete which they put their hands on. They have the "midas touch" at this particular time and that which they touch, although it may not turn into the gold, does most certainly provide a golden experience.  Not going to AMBush for me, is like not urinating in the morning....It's just NOT going to happen.  If I'm at a carnival and an AMBush j'ouvert experience is available, I AM THERE.

Partial Cropover Fete

THURSDAY – July 30

3PM - BeachHouse Crop Over
4PM - Lush Cooler Fete

FRIDAY – July 31


SATURDAY – August 1

12AM – Canboulay


1PM – SCORCH Cooler Cruise   Purchase tickets here

SUNDAY – August 2

5AM – SCORCH I Love to Jam

3PM – Soca Brainwash Cooler Fete

MONDAY – August 3 (ROAD) Kadooment

What You Should
Always Do

Since we are truly carnival experts at TriniJungleJuice, we can help you in making sure you have the best carnival experience possible.  What you should always do is check out our FEATURED EVENTS listing any time you are planning a trip, vacation or carnival experience. 


Enjoy your time in Toronto if you choose to go and make sure you stay safe, stay hydrated and DOH STICK stay on PACE!!

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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