This Message Has Been Brought To You By


I am going to keep this short.

Carnival soon come and ah tell allyuh right now - DOH STICK!!

Some of you are playing around with getting your fete tickets and you are going to have the long face when Carnival come.

Get your tickets. Doh Stick!

Some of you have NOT started working out or eating right as yet and are going to try to do the 2 week mad dash before Carnival to get in shape and carnival ready. 

Start working out and start eating right! DOH STICK!!


Find yourself in a band. Doh Stick!

And some of you for some odd reason STILL do not have a plane ticket as yet.

For you, I have no words.

Just so that you have some perspective......

Here are some things that you should know about most carnival veterans:

The carnival veterans ALREADY have....

  • their fete schedule lined up.
  • 60% of their tickets are already purchased. 
  • They are in a band.
  • And they have already started shopping for their clothes for each fete they are going to attend.

If you need some help on getting organized and getting things together, you can check out all the sites on the internet and gather some great information or you can just get this book, follow it and read it and save yourself some time while making damn sure that you are organized and ready for carnival.

Whatever you do, if you are a carnival virgin or newbie, please DOH STICK!!  If a Carnival Veteran sends you a link or an email and tells you to handle it "NOW", then do it as soon as possible.  Get things in order because February get very hectic and you will be surprised how being off pace now really manifests itself then. You do NOT want to be in Trinidad trying to hunt down tickets for fetes.  That's not what you fly all the way to TnT for.  Get that stuff done now so that you can properly plan your other things like costume pickup and your "rest" fete.

If you have gone to carnival and you cannot, RIGHT NOW, book all of your stuff, handle your housing, get your fete tickets, get in the band you desire and plan out your carnival from packing at your house to arriving back home, well…. you might not be a virgin, but you damn sho ain’t no veteran (not by the definition that we are using here. When we say “veteran,” we MEAN “expert”).

(If you've enjoyed this, you will most certainly enjoy The Ultimate Road Ready Guide)

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

P.S. For the best information in the world concerning carnivals please visit www.TriniJungleJuice.com  For the most comprehensive site available for fete tickets and masquerader costumes, please visit www.MyCarnivalBands.com

P.P.S. For more information on how to properly prepare for carnival like a true veteran, please visit www.CarnivalPrep.com