This Message Has Been Brought To You By

This is a very serious matter!

Okay fellas.

We've all been there.

We inna fete.

De vibes are nice.

Everybody winin so.

The DJ got de crowd hype.

And yuh does see a sweet, soft bumper to wine on and you present yuhself for a nice wine and you get THE LOOK!!

You know, the look. The, "What yuh tink yuh doin" Look.

This one....

And it's quite embarrassing. 

You are there scratching your head and looking around and thinking. 

Hell, EVERYBODY else in here is winin up so and ah tryna to dance with dis woman and she act like we ain't inna fete!!!

So ladies, please save us the embarrassment and provide us with a 3 to 5 second "courtesy wine."

I have seen plenty Carnival Veterans use the "courtesy wine" with great success.

The "courtesy wine" is a 3 to 5 second wine that ends with a:

1. small step forward or....
2. a backwards soft "release bump" to let you know this wine is OVER or.....
3. a smooth chip away

It's done tastefully with class with minor eye contact if any at all for you to catch the social cues and you can keep it moving. 

Why should the "courtesy wine" be used?

The "courtesy wine" is actually in harmony with fete and road etiquette and the unwritten rules of fetting.

That whole, looking back at somebody like they have a problem and you are in the middle of a fete or on the road is quite.... well....

I'll just say it like this -- you knew where you were going when you got dressed, so don't act crazy.  It doesn't kill the vibe but its just not in harmony with the environment, the context of a fete.

And ladies, I'm not saying that you gotta let somebody jump on you and disrespect you.  You know exactly what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about the process of subtle rejection - tf you don't wanna dance or don't feel like dancing.

But there is fete and road etiquette. 

And this goes for everybody.


I done had plenty of women look at my physique and jump up on me and wrap their legs around my waist.  I think in 2012 when I was on the road, I had no less than seven women who were greater than 220 pounds jump up on me.

I felt like I had put on bacon grease scented cologne the way I was attracting de big gyal dem. But I didn't mind because I have a strong back and big woman usually can't jump up on a man and wine like the small ones so I see what I do on the road as a social service of sorts. Call it Volunteer "Wuk" (I'm not sure if that will work when my wife reads it but hell, I'll give it a shot).  LOL! 

As I digress. 

When I'm providing this service, I don't get upset. I get tired, but not upset. I don't ever drop anybody or say no. Even when I don't feel like it, I do the same thing that married people do in their relationship when it comes to sex. I just do it anyway, but shorten it up a bit and increase the intensity.  I just........I just provide a "courtesy wine."

Hey, all I'm saying is this.

A "courtesy wine" maintains the harmony and integrity of the fete. 

Nobody can "ask" you to dance. The music is too loud. People present themselves and you respectfully decline. And there's a way to do it and the "courtesy wine" is just one way of many. 

To my Carnival Veterans, please be aware that there are virgins at carnival every year that come out of the hip hop club scene and are not aware of how to provide a "courtesy wine." So something that may seem basic to you, is not basic to them. But the whole, "screwing your face up" in the fete when somebody wants to dance is just not in harmony with the current and flow of carnival.   So if you do this, then please, STOP IT NOW.

Thank you for your compliance.

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Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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