This Message Has Been Brought
To You By The ONLY Book Endorsed
By TriniJungleJuice and MyCarnivalBands

Greetings TJJ Family:

I can tell you that life has been great, but miserable since Miami Carnival. I have Carnival Tabanca pretty bad.

This year I've done Trinidad Carnival, Tampa Carnival, Orlando Carnival and Miami Carnival.  Last year I did all of the same carnivals plus West Palm Beach Carnival and a few Caribbean festivals.  I can tell you right now that the only thing that can heal you up from a fete is another fete. And the only thing that can heal you up from carnival tabanca is..... another carnival.

While I was at Miami Carnival, I ran into this one brother who I met at Orlando Carnival and Tampa Carnival. His name is Jelani. The dude is cool people and a promoter and he handed me a flyer about Kes coming to Tampa on the 18th of October.  Now, this was FANTASTIC news because I knew after Miami Carnival I was going to need a quality hit of soca in my veins because I'm a soca junkie and I knew the Tabanca would kick in bad because Miami Carnival was AWESOME (to say the least).

So on the 18th of October I went to see Kes at Dunn's River Cafe in Tampa, Florida and I got the fix that I needed.  It was a fantastic experience.

How To Get What You
Need Although You
Might Not Get What
You Want

Now, I'm married with two children and leaving the house to go party is a hard "sell" and I don't party at all, except for carnival.  Therefore, in order to go to the concert and get my soca injection, I had to ask myself, "Exactly what do I need?"

I needed to see the performance, to hear the music jumping out the speakers and to get my injection of soca with some great vibes.

So, although the fete started at 10pm and went until 3am, I left the house at 12:45am. I got to the party about 5 minutes before Kes was due to perform. I watched his performance which was about 60 minutes and then I got back in my car and headed home. 

Now why am I telling you this?

Well, I'm telling you this because I have seen soooooo many Carnival Virgins go to carnival and then come back to their homes and start feenin' for the next fete and the next carnival and blasting soca music in the car and while taking a shower and not understanding that there is some "balance" that has to be maintained in the house and in the relationship SO THAT YOU CAN CONTINUE TO GO TO CARNIVAL.

First and foremost, when you get home from carnival talk about your carnival experience.

Be honest (or as honest as you can LOL!!  I'm just keeping it real). 

Let the people around you know that you are hooked and you would love for them to experience it too. And when it is NOT carnival - BRING YUH RASS HOME and doh hangout all hours of de night!

Behave yuhself so that you cyah have no behavior later.

As my good friend Winston Williams tells me all the time, "Press pause bredren, so yuh cyah press PLAY!"


Handle your Tabanca, but deal with your dis-ease and your soca problem as you deal with your drinking.... RESPONSIBLY!

There's a way to do it. And you can do it all. You just can't do it all RIGHT NOW.

Walk, so you can run on de road.

Press pause, so you can press play on de road.

And handle your Tabanca and soca addiction.... RESPONSIBLY

Blessings from here to there,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD

“The Carnival Doctor”

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