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I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I did and am so glad that it is November. The chief reason being, because we are now only 3 months out from Trinidad Carnival in 2015.

With that being said, there are many things which have to be done so that you stay on "pace."

In that past few days, I've given you 9 tips that you can follow so that your carnival experience can be as rich as possible.  I've also interview two carnival veterans with more to come. And I've also provided a quality explanation about what makes a carnival veteran.

Now I would like to give you some information that you may utilize if you are a carnival virgin or pass along to your crew if you are a carnival expert. And that piece of advice is to: 


It is November.

Now is the time for you to make your fete list.

What is a fete list?

Well, a fete list is the list of well known, annual fetes that take place during carnival (in this case Trinidad Carnival).

To see the FETE LIST FOR TRINIDAD CARNIVAL 2015  from the TriniJungleJuice site please click HERE

Carnival Doctor, What
Is My Fete List?

Great question.

Your fete list is the list or selection of fetes and experiences that you and your crew or your "fetting partner" decide on.  This should most definitely be done now and early as it eliminates confusion. Also is allows people to determine who is going to be where and with whom and how much you're are planning to spend on fetes.

Call it your Trinidad entertainment budget.

Is It Really That Serious?
Do I Have To Do It This

Nope, you don't have to, but I would recommend that you do.

But, when it comes to some veterans, you'd have to have it done or you'd be put out. That's just how it goes. Some people just doh play wit those that stick!

Okay, so what's The Carnival Doctor's reason why it needs to be done so early?


1. Having your fete list allows you to.... Budget how much you are going to spend

Having your fete list allows you to.... Start working a plan when it comes to networking in terms on how you are going to get tickets to the fetes which are really difficult to get tickets for. And if you don't get the tickets to that fete, you can create an alternative game plan early.

Having your fete list allows you to....  Plan your outfits. This is not as important for men as women. But it is super important, especially when you need to stay on pace. You will quickly understand that if you pick a cooler fete, you will need a cooler and liquor. If you pick a pool party, you will need a bathing suit. If you pick two pool parties, are at a hotel with a pool where people hangout (lime) frequently, and also have a bathing suit top for Monday Mas, then you will need about 3 or 4 bathing suits.  If you are going to a high end fete, like the Lara fete or Anya Fete, you may need a different set of clothes then if you are going to Bacchanal Wednesday

Having your fete list allows you to.... plan your transportation strategy or at least begin to create one. This is super important if the people that you are fetting with are staying in separate locations.

Having your fete list allows you to.... PLAN YOUR REST FETE. Rest is at a premium during carnival. You cannot always get it but if you schedule it, you can.  Anybody can tell you that you are constantly on "Empty" during carnival, but the vibes make you feel like you are full. The key is to get just enough rest from time to time so that you don't run out of gas.  If you plan it right, you will be dog tired and feel like you are walking while dead at the airport!

Having your fete list allows you to.... Check the TriniJungleJuice ranking of that fete last year and the years prior to get a feel of what you can expect at that fete. The ranking is available when you look at the pictures from that particular fete.  You can also begin to look at pictures and watch videos.  This may not be a big deal to a veteran, but imagine the horror of a newbie if they are standing in the wrong place at a fete that is known for bringing out a water hose and they did not prepare for the water hose by putting their electronics in a ziplock bag! Such things which a veteran would know, a virgin does not. So check the rankings, look at the pictures and watch videos of the fetes online.

7. And most importantly,
having your fete list allows you to....stay on pace and become a well-organized carnival veteran so that you may coach, train and take a carnival virgin under your wing in the future. 


If you are a carnival virgin, be coachable. 

A carnival veteran may ask you to make your own list just so that you go through the exercise. Then they will guide you on which fetes to pick and tell you why we are doing them. But whatever you do -- don't buck and doh stick! Just do as you are asked because there is more to do than you know.... like scanning your passport and putting it on a cloud and sending a copy to yourself on email just in case you need to access the information on it if you lose it. (Because, if/when your passport gets stolen or lost, so does the phone where you took a picture of it. Trust me!! That's just how things happen!)

Look, there's a lot more to do than many are even aware of and although, The Carnival Doctor is a carnival veteran and NOT a carnival expert --  THE CARNIVAL DOCTOR is a 2004 Olympian who has traveled the world.

I said it before and I will say it again..... "Just Because You Are A Carnival Veteran, That Does Not Make You A Carnival Expert!  We All Have Things We Can Learn!"

Thank you for your compliance.

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Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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P.P.S. For more information on how to properly prepare for carnival like a true veteran, please visit www.CarnivalPrep.com