This Message Has Been Brought To You By

(This is an excerpt out of the only book ever endorsed by TriniJungleJuice and MyCarnivalBands.com)

Shut up.


And do as you are told.

Seriously, I cannot stress this enough. If a veteran tells you to get online and order a ticket – ORDER IT. Of course, they could just order two and get yours too but that would not teach you how to be independent, how to get it yourself, what websites to access, and the urgency in which you need to move before the tickets are sold out. And the last thing that a veteran wants to do is to be outside of a fete trying to haggle for tickets. They do NOT need that on their minds when they are trying to stick to the fete schedule, coordinate the transportation, look at the clock, watch you as you drink and make sure that you are having a good time. And quite honestly think of all the things that you have not a clue about like ziplock bags, bobby pins, safety pins, wet wipes, crazy glue, pepto-bismol tablets, and things that you just would not or could not imagine that go into preparing for Trinidad Carnival.

Case in point, for two years in a row I had to take cocoa out of someone’s eye during Jouvert. I played with a Jouvert band that puts cocoa everywhere and the cocoa is gritty and I carry saline, q-tips, dry napkins and wet wipes on my person during Jouvert. There’s nothing like watching somebody on the road struggle to see and they cannot put their hands in their eyes because they have cocoa on their hands and there’s no way to wash it off. The drink truck is moving, you can’t see, your friend can’t leave you and chase the drink truck and come back because, hell – it’s jouvert and that’s just not smart. So you are there, struggling. You are struggling and you are crippled. Your jouvert is essentially over and you are crying because your eye is trying to get the foreign body out, but you are a virgin. You’ve never played Jouvert. You didn’t know that you needed saline for your eyes whether you have contacts or not and now you are stuck.

But….. along comes the wily Carnival Veteran who sees you struggling. He stops you and your friends. Whips out his bottle of water. Cleans his hands, your hands and your face. He dries your face off with his napkins. Now he can use his other napkins to hold your eye open and flush it with the saline. The particle comes out and you and your friend hug him like he just saved your life. These are the things that happen at carnival. So if you have traveled with a veteran before, take a moment to stop and thank them again for showing you the ropes because there’s more to it than you know. And just so that you know, the veteran that is with you is committed to allowing your “good time” to serve as their good time too. Because they have committed to the fact that you having a good time will be part of their pleasurable carnival experience.

: Just because you are no longer a virgin does not make you a EXPERT, it just makes you a veteran.

For there are some people who have “survived” carnival without the lessons. If you have gone to carnival and you cannot, RIGHT NOW, book all of your stuff, handle your housing, get your fete tickets, get in the band you desire and plan out your carnival from packing at your house to arriving back home, well…. you might not be a virgin, but you damn sho ain’t no veteran (not by the definition that we are using here. When we say “veteran,” we MEAN “expert”).

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Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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