We are going to provide you with some tips from one of our in-house Carnival Specialist – Dr. Rhadi Ferguson, also known as the “Carnival Doctor”.   Dr. Ferguson is a 2004 Olympian, a former National Judo Coach for the Bahamas Judo Federation, a bona-fide carnival junkie and the man that has written the go-to guide for all carnival virgins on the planet on the best way to prepare for carnival.

So without any further adieu, lets start out with tip number two.

Carnival Tip #2 From
The Carnival Doctor

Waiting until the last minute to get housing or procrastinating will only makes things worse.  

And trying to call around to find someone that you can share a room with could be an ABSOLUTE disaster if you and that person are not on the same page and don’t have the same PACE.  If you have a roommate, that should be planned out way in advance to. You most definitely want to room with someone that you have known WELL for years.  Otherwise, this can make for a disastrous trip. Especially when you combine, liquor, fatigue, impaired judgement and the opposite sex.  So be aware.  And when it comes to waiting until the last minute to get housing, yes, you may “pull it off” and get some housing but that’s not the way to do things.  

Get your housing secured now.

You can always get a refund if you are booking a hotel. Maintain a good pace by keeping a good pace.

As a side note and something to keep in mind.  If you stay at a hotel, damn near every time you walk outside there will be a taxicab or some type of transportation. If you do not, there will not be and you will have to add that degree of time to your fete readiness schedule.  Some places that you will desire to attend will be within walking distance. Some, well…. most, will not.

I think what you really need to understand from this section is this – housing sells out quicker, faster and more rapidly than fete tickets and plane tickets. The only thing that I’ve seen sell out faster are band costumes to some of the high-end bands like Tribe and Bliss. And even if it is not sold out, the price does most certainly increase as the date gets closer. My housing is literally the first thing that I book. PERIOD.

I literally “sprinted” this year to find housing early.

Why? Because I do not like rushing unless it is a planned sprint.

I book my housing early to stay on pace.

If you need the best housing recommendations and options you can find them in this simple go-to guide here --> www.TheUltimateRoadReadyGuide.com 

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Stay ON PACE!!!!

Blessings from here to there,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
“The Carnival Doctor”

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