The Miami Carnival J'Ouvert Review

by, The Carnival Doctor
Dr. Rhadi Ferguson...

Miami Carnival J’ouvert 2015

There are few situations in life where you can do what you like, as you like it and it is okay. Few places where you can be a kid and throw paint and mud and oil. There are few times in life where such behavior is acceptable.

And it’s such a pleasurable experience.

The one thing that I really enjoy are the faces. I love seeing people enjoy themselves. I can literally see the mother of two who works a full-time job actually having the time of her life. Or the person on the road who recently lost a loved one and has their picture on their shirt or tattoo on their arm – who is having the time of their lives and smiling and crying simultaneously.

I get to see the women who is recently separated or divorced freeing herself up and feeling like she’s 20 years old again.

I watch the college student who really shouldn’t be here because of midterm exams utilizing the soca and j’ouvert to relieve the stress.

I see the person who is working 60 to 80 hours of week, wuk harder to enjoy themselves because they know that the “real work” is waiting for them back home.

I see the couple that fetted hard at the Vale Breakfast fete play tag with the paint bottles and then kiss when one catches the other.

I see it all.

And I love it.

If my heart had a face on it, J’ouvert is what would make it smile.

And j’ouvert in Miami 2015 was not good, it was DAMN GOOD!!
The highlight of j’ouvert had to be the Grenadians. When it comes to J’ouvert, I’m not sure if anybody does it better than the Grenadians. I’ve never been to J’ouvert in Grenada but it is on my bucket list. I’ve heard the stories from some of the staff members of TriniJungleJuice.



There was a moment on the road during J'Ouvert. It was about 11am or 11:30am where the Grenadians TOTALLY took over the road. The road belonged to them. Them and dem alone, had pushed the vibes into the next stratosphere!! It was amazing to watch.

The Grenadians came in full force covered in oil, with a full jab jab presence and even a make shift riddim section underneath a tree. I wanted to pull my phone out and take a picture but I DID NOT WANT ANY OIL ON MY PHONE. So, I just stood back and observed. It was like I was taking a small peek inside of Grenada. It was definitely an awesome experience.

It was AMAZING!!!!!

J’ouvert NEVER disappoints

If you have not done J’ouvert in Miami, I would urge you to get it on your list. Even if you are an avid Vale Breakfast fetter like I am, there is a way. You just have to arrive at vale a little bit later, around 6:30am and leave at around 9:30am. This is not a bad move if you have a Vale breakfast sandwich which consists of a slice of “Big Phat Fish” bread, a slice of “J’Ouvert” bread and some Vale meat. That way you can get all three in and then get some rest for SOCA BRAINWASH.

Miami Carnival 2015 J'ouvert Pics

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Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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