A MAD Blasian (Black Asian) friend of mine recently called me to tell me about her first Carnival experience and how she worked so hard to get into her Caged Canary costume without the use of extra chainage or feathers.  She slaved and sweated for six months in the gym to get fit and look fierce.  Gyul distanced herself from chocolate, fried things and salty snacks all for the greater good...to wow them down the road.

And nooooow almost a month since then, after sacrificing all a dat, she let free from Cool Down Wednesday and is now faced with the dreaded Freshman 15 pounds gained after returning to the normally scheduled routine.  We've all experienced this to a certain extent...lost poundage due to whinin and wukkin up at fetes and the road and then braps! Back to reality back to routine back goes the pounds. 

When I got back home, I tried to keep fit, I walked to work instead of taking the train...actually I tried walking to as many places as I could to get exercise and I was feeling pretty good....that was up until my foot started to hurt which come to find out ended up being Tendonitis of the ankle and ting!  What d hell?!  How can I go 10hrs on the road fuh a 2 days, foot feelin nice to complete and utter handicaptivity? (it's a word damnit).   

Trinidad has this magical hold where nothing can hurt you, not when the music hits.  All you feel is joy.  I sit and write this thinking about the parties and the laughs.  I'm glad my Carnival memories are so alive, and it helps that TJJ keeps posting pics of fetes :)  As for my foot...well let's just say I won't be fetin for a likkle while.

Yes my name is Bacchanal, I just tekkin a five!