Patrick the Hype Man, DJ Private Ryan and DJ Cruise
kept the Bacchanal Jamaica Rum for Breakfast party vibes high going into the afternoon last Saturday.  Patrons reluctantly filed out of the party venue at the Hope Zoo only after DJ Cruise turned the music off. “This is, bar none, the best soca party I have attended in a really long time” said one satisfied fan. “The music was hype, the food was good and the liquor great, a perfect menu for a soca breakfast”, said another.

The party truly got off the ground just after 8:00 am when the critical mass started to roll into the venue. By now DJ Cruise had warmed up the crowd turning them over to Patrick and DJ Ryan who whipped them into a musical frenzy.

“We expected a good crowd and we felt that we had combined the perfect elements for a great party – the décor, food, drinks and of course the music. But, it was so much more than great, it was fantastic! Patrons danced non-stop, belting out the choruses of the now well-known 2018 Soca hits, and certainly were not ready for the party to end. This is the perfect lead up to the climax of the season and has primed our revelers to come out and finish off the season with energy and excitement,” said Michael McMorris Bacchanal Jamaica director.

“This is a new event for us, commented Nicholas Franklin, Bacchanal director, “we felt that this year it was time to add some new events to our calendar, treating our old fans and new supporters to a change of venue and style.  The premium all-inclusive concept combined with the spectacular ambiance created by the Hope Zoo venue was a hit.  This one is definitely a keeper on the calendar”.

Bringing the vibes next Friday at Downsound Bacchanal Live will be the Queen of Soca, Destra and the Bakanal Band along with DJ Franco and AJ Electronica.  Downsound Entertainment is a new addition to the Bacchanal family and brings with it the Reggae Sumfest brand. The next event, Absolute Beach J’ouvert, will be moving to Ocho Rios at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove where Kes the Band, Patrick the Hype Man, DJ Lantern, DJ Tyler and DJ Nicco will keep fans in a frenzy.
“The Bacchanal Jamaica team is working hard to keep our patrons satisfied and we believe the 2018 season can only get better. We are determined to ensure that we keep our position as one of the top Caribbean carnival experiences,” said Michael Ammar Jr.