>> Trinidad Carnival 2020 Coverage

After being Submerged in 2019, this year we were taken Beyond, by the Saints. After a simply breathtaking production last year, it was with eager anticipation that we waited to see what was in store for us this year. Fete With The Saints did not disappoint. Easily maintaining its status and the fete to set the standard nationwide, “Go Beyond” was a world-class production, from beginning to end.

Arriving just around 6PM, gave us time to explore and see all that the fete had to offer before the first act hit the stage at around 8PM. We had been on the hunt for the eagerly anticipated high-end local rum that had eluded us in years past. Found! Let me let you into a little secret, if you're looking for a area to which to escape, where you can get all the exquisite food offerings and top shelf bars, without the lines, you may want to look into a VIP ticket, just saying.

Motto started off the action, who say Shots, boom bang! In rapid fire succession came Patrice, with what is easily on my top three for the season, Carry On, and a host of other current and classic jams. It was our first Patrice sighting for the season so it was an even more special moment, hearing her perform her 2020 smashes, live! Up next, how the bumper lookin'???? Nadia tore up the fete and put an end to the last remnants of any stush behavior. Nadia paved the way for one of the artists of the season, Kes!

Once Kes takes the stage, only greats things happen. Kes by himself, Boss Lady, Kes and Voice, with the biggest song for the season Dear Promoter and throw in some Pandemonium with Voicey solo. Then when Iwer runs out with Kes back on the fore, everyone knows that the Stage Na Good Again (Stage Gone Bad)! Just to make sure it's not good again, Iwer had to Shell it Down! All that I just described, would suffice for just about any top notch fete, but we weren't even close to being finished yet. Still to come was Lyrikal, causing some serious Rukshun, a guaranteed shot in the arm to any fete when Lyro runs out. Teddyson John followed up with a cameo, and on my top three for the season, Captain Hey Choppi, made my night!

It was now time for the crowning moment, Machel Montano took the stage just around 11PM. This has historically been the fete that he lets us know what he's thinking for road march and with no clear contenders just yet, we were looking to see what he kicked off the set with. Surprisingly it was the same as we had seen in earlier fetes, Stink Behavior. Nothing new, and now Ramp Up, with Kerwin Du Bois that we had heard in perform for the first time the night before and definitely piqued our interest. A Machel set with his full band and dances, could fit in on just about any stage worldwide, it is just that professionally executed. We were however a little taken aback by the set selection, it was definitely more on the reminiscent side, which I suppose could be attributed to the fact that he is gearing up to his final Machel Monday in just about two weeks. Just when you thought Iwer was done for the night, it was time to Shell down the place yet again, this time with MM and the Dominican Shell King David Benjamin, who recorded the Conch Shell on the actual song. Always quite a show to see this song performed live with the conch shell man himself.

Fete With The Saints did not leave much room for improvement at Go Beyond. The acoustics on the periphery of the fete could use some attention, but other than that, spot on as usual!

Keep doing what you are doing Saints, keep raising the bar every year, all for a great cause! See you next year!

Wade the Party Appraiser aka 1914 Juice.