With the summer passing us by, I thought I would bring up something I feel is very important not only to myself but to humanity....the importance of DEODORANT! Ladies and Gentleman, what is the problem? Have you ever been around someone with Dynamite Pits? You know the ones I'm talking about. Smell so foul you can taste it from across the room. My lawd.  How can you walk out of your house without being Sure?

Granted, sometimes you in a fete and jammin rehl hard and your usual stick of Right Guard or Secret lets you down and you have a likkle musky scent, this is ok. I know, I've been there, we all have BUT there is absolutely nooooo noooo nooooo excuse for having Dyamite Pits!  Now I understand that some of all yuh have issue with using deodorant because of d chemical ting and all that but never fear, I am on the case, there is natural deodorant people, natural.  PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF HUMANITY, use d ting. 

I shouldn't have to smell you from outer space, cross the room, down d bar, round d bend.  And don't get me started on peeps who use perfume and cologne instead of deodorant.  My...goodness...So this summer, let's all remember to powder d pits and be fresh for every fete.  Your neighbor will thank you!


-Mad Red Woman