Like any other Carnival, you just have to be there in person to really enjoy the season's music. No matter how many times a DJ plays a track on the radio or in a fete outside of the country for all those that didn't make it (to the Carnival), the feeling will just never be the same when compared to those folks that did get to wuk up, jump up, and wine up to the music on the road or in any fete for the season.  That said, here are some of my favourite 2008 Crop Over tunes (and yes, ah know ... we missing some ... to be added later).

What's your favourite 2008 Crop Over song?

Alison Hinds - Bumpers (Feel Nas Riddim)
Edwin Yearwood (Krosfyah) -
Nah Missing Me
Edwin Yearwood (Krosfyah) -
We On De Way (Handle Yuh Bizness)

Fraud Squad -
Pork Mout
Gorg - Tipsy
Hypa Sounds - Party Mood
Khiomal (Krosfyah) - Til Morning
Khiomal (Krosfyah) - Unleash De Beast
Lil Rick aka Hypa Dawg - One More Time
Lil Rick ft Gorg - Wuck Up (You Hear Wha I Tell You)
Lil Rick & Unda Dawg - Breakaway
Machel Montano HD - Push Bumpers
Machel Montano & Patrice Roberts - Feel Nas
Machel Montano & Patrice Roberts - Tempa Wine
Mikey - Explosion
Natahlee -
Sun Til Sun (Rogaltic Riddim)
Patrice Roberts -
Lookin Hot
Peter Ram -
Philip 7 - Bring De Wuk
Pong - On Pun It
Red Plastic Bag - Wrong Gal
Rupee - Feet Don't Fail Me
Rupee - Mas Hysteria
Spin Pooch Ink (Stabby 'De Guard') - Stabby

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