We all know that Trinidad & Tobago is the mecca of Soca music. However, let's not sleep on the other islands that also produced quality Soca/Calypso music season after season.

Carnivals in Barbados (Crop Over), St. Vincent, Antigua, St. Kitts & Nevis and Grenada (Spice Mas) to name a few, are serious breeding grounds for many talented artists; some of which have participated and even won titles in TnT's Carnival competitions. Like Bajan Biggie Irie who won the 2007 Int'l Groovy Soca Monarch in TnT Carnival. And artists like Atlantic Recording artist Rupee (who Trinidad loves as one of their own), Alison Hinds, Peter Ram, Lil Rick, Timmy, Fraud Squad, Sheldon Douglas, Tallpree, Baby Killa, Problem Child, Bomani, Jamesy P (the original Nookie Man), Ricky T and Kevin Lyttle (hailing from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, who had a worldwide hit with the interpellative soca ballad, "Turn Me On" which was recorded by Lyttle and the Dancehall artist Spragga Benz) are all well known names in the Soca industry.

With that said, what's your take on Soca music produced by artists outside of Trinidad & Tobago? Does it make the grade? Do the artists have what it takes to mash up a fete in TnT any day of the week, year after year? We've seen both Problem Child (St. Vincent) and Ricky T. (St. Lucia) prove to be quite a success in 2007 with "Party Animal" and "Pressure Boom" respectivitely.

Are you liking the Soca [Click Here to Listen] they have released to-date?

TJJ Soca Steet Team