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I had just left the party on Front Street in Bermuda and this was after reaching the island just a few hours before the party on Front Street.  I watched Lyrikal, Kes, and Kerwin perform and I had an awesome time.  I can't lie and say that I wasn't a little bit tired. I was.

But, if you know me or have read The Ultimate Road Ready Guide you clearly understand and know that I am a J'Ouvert man and that I love J'ouvert and I paced myself to make sure that my time at J'ouvert would and could be well spent.

After the party on front street I went to my hotel room and ate a sandwich, took a fresh and got dressed for J'ouvert.  I knew better than to sleep.  Catching a quick nap when you are time crunched is like being stranded on a boat and drinking the salt water because you are thirsty.  It seems like a good idea at the time, even though deep down you know that it's not. 

Sometimes you just don't do what right and thirst just overtakes you. And fatigue can do that to you too.  There's a fine line of knowing when to take a nap and when not to.

In those times when I cannot take a nap, I have some coffee.  I travel with my Starbucks instant coffee packs and I make myself a nice little cup of coffee with the two packs and keep it moving.  Knowing that all I need is the soca because....... (all together now).... Soca does me meh powers!

So, we loaded up the van. It was the Trini Jungle Juice staff along with Lyrikal and Kerwin

The van ride was longer than was expected and we were taken down a dirt road and then driven into a field and we got out.  Unbeknownst to us at the time, we were right next to the prison in Bermuda. 

It was dark and have the perfect intimate feel for J'ouvert.

When we reached we were given sunglasses, cups, smartphone protectors (which I thought was genius) and some glow in the dark necklaces. 

De Ting Now Start

I've been in very few parties or fetes when the jamishness started as soon as you reach. The GenXRedAntz J'ouvert band launch was like this but not on this scale of intensity.  This party went from zero to hero in a matter of seconds.

There's a point where every fete goes through the same cycles of intercourse.  You have your excitement phase, your plateau phase, your orgasm phase and then the resolution phase.

I will tell you my secret. When I enter into a fete or road experience, I clearly try to identify these phases so that when I write, so that, mentally, I can categorize everything. 

I also am very aware of the foreplay that occurs before the event even begins. Such as, when people are talking about the fete before it occurs or they say things like, "I can wait to get to _________."  I pay attention to all of it.

The best thing that a fete can do is to not only go through these phases but to also provide paroxysms of orgasm. Or multiple fetegasms.  When this happens, the fete moves up in ranking in my mind...... exponentially.

J'ouvert In Bermuda was on some next level $h!t.  PERIOD!! I don't care if there were 10 people in there or 10,000.  That $h!t was TUN UP TO DE ROOF!!! And anybody who was there will attest to that and vouch for what I am saying.

I really do NOT have the words to describe to you how fantastic it was but I will say this.

This Is A Lil Heavy
But True

I'm black.

My grandparents on both sides are from the Bahamas and I'm a second generation American.  So I grew up with the Caribbean experience and the African American experience. 

And..... I'm black.

My children are black. 

And my wife is black.

And, I live in the United States.

And...... I love the United States, hell, I traveled the world representing the United States in sport and competed at the Olympics in 2004 under the USA flag. So, I'm down with my country through and through.

However, race relations and problems are a huge issue in my country as in other countries where there are social, educational and economic disparities among those who are white, black, brown, etc.,.

The ONE thing that I really loved about being in Bermuda, is that for a moment in time I could leave all of that bull$hi!t and just have a great time with people from all colors, background, hues, beliefs, etc.,. 

To be honest with you, after watching police officers throw people on the ground, grab little black girls by the hair and sling them around and shoot people in the back when they are running, I just need to see laughter, smiles, good times and good vibes.

I tell you all, all the time about how I cry after every carnival. And its because, at carnival I get to see the best in people.  During J'ouvert in Bermuda, it was another opportunity where people came from other parts of the world to be together under the united movement of carnival through the influence of soca.  And when I stood back and looked at J'ouvert in Bermuda, the texture of the crowd was unparalleled with what I have seen before.  And in my mind I remember saying, "This is the best j'ouvert I've ever attended."  And that may have been because of the media messages that I've been experiencing in my country which colored my j'ouvert experience in such a fashion, but this is my truth. And that's all I have for you.

Now with that being said...........

Where does it fit......When one says the best.

Because I heard more than a few people say,  "This was better that AMBush in Trinidad!"

Wait A Minute!!
Hold Your Horses!!

Let's call this thing correctly!

First and foremost, J'ouvert happens before carnival Monday or before the parade of bands.  AMBush is a MOVING paint party that sits in an uncontested seat because there are no other fetes like it.  Because, it's not a fete. So it sits in an uncontested seat. 

Bermuda J'ouvert, really was not j'ouvert as we know it but it was a J'ouvert "Party."  Even if they had music trucks you still wouldn't be able to compare AMBush with Bermuda J'ouvert because AMBush is NOT technically a j'ouvert. AMBush is a paint party with trucks that has a J'ouvert theme to it. As I said, it sits in a space which is uncontested so, as Michelle Phillip on the TriniJungleJuice Fanpage on facebook commented, "....comparing AMBush to anything is madness." 

And with that, she is 100% correct.  To compare AMBush to anything is madness because there is no comparison because it sits in a seat by itself and its really a genius business move when you really get down to it.  But that's another conversation.

Here's what I will say,  Bermuda J'ouvert was THE BEST J'OUVERT PARTY that I've ever attended. Period.

And it was friendly, intimate, sexy, and fun. 

What Could Have
Been Improved?


And that spot where they had the j'ouvert was not the original spot.  I hope and pray that they do not change it from that location for next year. That location was perfect.  Perfect access to the bathroom areas which were VERY WELL LIT!!  The DJs were fantastic and the vibes were on 10 the whole time.

Well maybe it could have been improved if it started an hour earlier and went an hour longer  :-)

Bermuda J'ouvert

- The industrial grade water hose which was present which sprayed everyone. It looked like the type of hose that are used on fire trucks.

- The inflatable slides were an absolute hit and many people used them. I NEVER do as I'm afraid of spraining my ankle or hurting myself.  And no, I'm not scared, I'm just aware LOL!!!

- Lyrikal and Kerwin in the van after j'ouvert

- The Climb Up On A Man Wine with yours truly, The Carnival Doctor

- The crowd forming the largest Circle to date for Kerwin's song "Circles"  and moving in a circular motion during the song. It was epic and something to behold.


J'ouvert In Bermuda during carnival is ........ MANDATORY!!!

Bermuda J'ouvert was a wonderful experience and I would HIGHLY recommend it.

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"
Instragram - @TheCarnivalDoctor

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>> Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2015 - J'Ouvert - Part 1 Gallery
>> Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2015 - J'Ouvert - Part 2 Gallery
>> Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2015 Coverage