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Its been a while since we have been to Blink (has it really been since March'08?),  but the ladies are still sexy and well dressed, and there were still lots of them in attendance.  And there were ALOT of people at Blink 9.0.

MI-VI is one of the newer nightclubs in South Florida, within the Gulfstream Racetrack Complex.  We arrived very early for this event and were happy to find that TJJ's name is still on the guest list.  Inside we were greeted by a massive space that was decorated in what can be described as Modern meets Elizabethan with a huge video screen and marble bar tops and also antique furniture in the VIP.
Even though this was the last event of a full weekend, our 4th in 3 days, there was still  nuff vibes in the place. The dancefloor by the stage was filled with people and even those in other parts of the club were getting their drink on and busting a move.

Blink 9.0 was a good combination of good music, beautiful people in great venue.  Can't go wrong with that, waiting for the next one.

-Party McFly

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>> View Blink 9.0 Gallery