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Thinking of becoming a party promoter in DC? Or hosting Caribbean events in DC? Or even hosting Caribbean events during the Carnival Season in DC? Then I suggest you attend Indigo Ultra All Inclusive Party by Gresham Entertainment, observe the event, what they did, what they succeeded in carrying out and steer clear of any other party on that day between the allotted time of this event. In terms of pure, chirpy entertainment, sexually eye appealing people, skillful and musically inclined DJs, well stocked bars and satisfying food to stimulate ones taste buds, Indigo is akin to a school boy or school girl in utter amusement and sheer constant fixation of lust and desire to their high school or university teacher. This year was absolutely no different from years gone by but, to be fair, its raison d'être isn't the giving of a fun filled evening with wonderful people; oh, not at all, Indigo is a thought-provoking lesson in how to spend six (6) hours of your life forgetting some of the mishaps of life!

The word Indigo is a colour named after the blue dye derived from the plant Indigofera Tinctoria and related species, and when looking at it with an untrained eye it is placed between blue and violet. Traditionally considered to be one of seven divisions of the rainbow or the optical spectrum, Indigo is really a separate division of colour, so bearing its definition in mind there will be no prizes for guessing where the storyline of this event is heading. Watching party-goers become embroiled in musical ingenious choices from the DJs, a well stocked bar and tasty served food, which spirals into a seductive, fantastic & mildly absurd versions of Russian Dancing Roulette, makes for tense enjoyment, and, even if we are not in Trinidad Carnival, Indigo's aura is most unpredictably shocking (in a good way) however, quite similar to Beach House Carnival All Inclusive.

Gresham Entertainment usually give their all with respect to hosting events and as a result a solid turnout is always guaranteed and with the location of the event only being revealed closer to the day of the event, you can expect a very high calibre of people attending such an event. Riverview Road in Washington DC, a very serene and subtle strip of exuberant and monumental houses is the setting for Indigo 2011, and with the location like this one has to wonder ideally what can possibly go wrong with this event? A gated house with a very intimate backyard (as one patron described as his love den if he owned the property) and compounded with the view of what can only be described as a placid lake/river superceded by a well laid out bar, food stall on the opposite end and a covered dance floor, sets the precedent nevertheless making you ask again what can go wrong with this event? The bar had almost every type of premium alcohol you could have wanted for an all inclusive fete and the servers were as generous as god as he provides you with the air you breathe.
While sampling the food and taking all the gyration that passing my way (yes that's right ... do you remember I introduced 'Drive By Wining' ... It is legal in every country a Carnival is present), I could only help but observe the patrons enjoying their plates of food ... from fried plantain, meatballs, to jerk chicken, to some sugar & spice cake (diabetes in icing) ... remember the name of the party ... Ultra All Inclusive! Food in your hand, drinks in the other or on the table, and countless drive by wines which was instigated by DJ Sprang International, Barry from Jugglers Trinidad, DJ Richie D all utilising their computers to play their selections and have our hearts racing with the sounds of bliss and positive vibrations, I could not help but ponder just how far can Gresham Entertainment push the limits before they crack?

One may wonder after reading all of this how much of a "dent" in your pocket will this event cause? Was it worth the hole in your pocket from the cash that used to be there? At $70.00 USD = $443.00 TTD = £43.50 for this event - and you acquire such exotics as premium alcohol rum, vodka & scotch; food served to you nice and hot ... WAIT STOP ... I forget!!! ... There was a breakfast type layout at the start of the event for the first hour and a half which comprised of all different flavour bagels, muffins, fruits, coffee & tea which mind you was served in tea cups! That's right ... no plastic! As a matter of fact ... I will take this time to point out that your drinks were served to you in glasses ... You not in a plastic cup dance! Now with an event of such a high standard there was a small issue with the number of servers behind the bar when there was "rush hour" or "peak time". It was however solved immediately once spotted and kudos has to be given to the staff.
That's right, now its about that time of the party when you are gyrating low to the ground, grinding up on that favourite person or complete stranger and you are sweating, the beads are forming on your neck, on your back, they are rolling down your skin as you intimately move your waistlines in sync with the rhythm that is pumping from the speakers, feeling the groove, feeling the feeling (as Shadow say), feeling that tension, then oh yes the release ... uhm ... time for a drink!! Coming to think of it; the "rush hour" was not that bad; the amount of dancing and body pumping that was taking place the "rush hour" was a well deserved rest but still duly noted.

Scorn's Do's for Indigo:

    * Arrive Early - I would say one (1) hour after the carded starting time - gives you an extra hour to have a minimum of four (4) drinks before the "real" crowd attends;
    * Wear something loose and easy flowing nothing too tight that you cannot bubble to the floor and release your self in;
    * A handkerchief, a rag, a small towel is mandatory ... you WILL sweat;
    * Guys always leave room behind you when you are dancing with a woman in front ... another woman is guaranteed to join in and dance on you from behind (maybe that was just me); and
    * Always Tip Your Bartender ... Learn Their Name ... when the bar is crowded you just need to call him or her and you will get served before the crowd ... (just a personal tip to you reader)

Scorn's Don'ts for Indigo:

    * Don't believe every story a person tells you in a party ... most people just want to you know ... take you back ... yadda yadda yadda;
    * Don't drive drunk ... you will have an accident;
    * Don't attend Indigo and sit down ... if you cannot put aside your problems in life for about five (5) hours and just enjoy positive euphoria then you have serious problems and should stay home and seek professional help; and
    * Don't go on the dance floor if you are not going to dance ... you will get gyrated on by more than one person ... and they will be sweaty!

Indigo 2011 Ultra All Inclusive - One Failure ... It Ended ... I wish I was still there now ...
Scorn Juice
... see the moonlight, I am not stopping, keep on gyrating 'til the world ends ...

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>> View Indigo 2011 Gallery Part 1
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