I Love To Masturdate

I'm not sure about you but I absolutely love to masturdate.
And yes, I'm married but I need some alone time and when I do masturdate, it's usually to soca. And sometimes I do it by myself and sometimes with large groups of people.  I don't mind if people watch. I really doesn't bother me at all. And, if I'm honest, I kinda like it.

If you've never masturdated before you should MOST DEFINITELY do it. It will allow you to get in touch with your "inner feter" and you will learn exactly what YOU need in order to have the most intense roadgasm possible.

What Is Masturdating?

See, masturdating is when you go out to a fete or on the road by yourself.  This is different than the car fete, although there are some similarities.  Masturdating also occurs at home when you are by yourself.  This is different than the cardio fete which involves a goal which is normally fitness.  Masturdating is a personal experience where it's all about you, the soca, and understanding your "inner feter."

I remember when I first started going to fetes and carnival and how I felt when I saw people rejecting wines right and left. I remember saying to myself, "Well, what in the hell are you doing here if you doh wan wine?!?!

It wasn't until I became more mature fetter than I understood that people can all be in the same fete but for different reasons. Just like there are some people who fete by themselves, there are some that do carnival by themselves. 

Sometimes its to link up with their crew.

Sometimes its to be on "the hunt." 

Sometimes its to be "hunted." 

........And sometimes its to masturdate to the soca music. And when they are masturdating to soca, they are so into themselves and the soca that you coming up to them and even touching them messes up their experience. So when they move away from you in a fete or on  the road, sometimes it may be because they don't feel like dancing with you and sometimes it may be because..... they are deep within their masturdating experience and are trying to achieve roadgasm or fetegasm.

How Will I Know If I
Like Masturdating Or Not?

Well, if you have never masturdated before, you should try it. That's the only way you will know.

And you also have to recognize that everybody does not like to masturdate to soca.  It's a personal preference. Some people have better experiences with a partner than they do solo.  All I'm saying is this.... One is not better than the other, just different. There are different things that you go through when masturdating.  It actually requires more focus on the music and the environment and yourself. This is why I highly recommend it. As I said before, it will allow you to get in touch with your "inner fetter."


First, try masturdating to soca at home.  Secondly, and this goes for men and women, BE CAREFUL and aware of your environment when you go out to masturdate alone. 

Masturdate responsibly!

7 Reasons Why You Should
Masturdate To Soca Regularly

Reason #1 - It makes you happier

Scientifically, we know that pleasure makes us feel better and puts us in a better mood. And it is actually as simple as that. The achieving of roadgasm or fetegasm will make you feel better.

Reason #2 - You will know what YOU need

When at a fete or on the road, we know the experience that we need to have in order to be able to free ourselves up and have a good time. It may be something as simple as having on the right pair of shoes.  I have one partner of mine that has a pair of "fete shoes" that he wear in which he absolutely feels comfortable. Sometimes its as simple as that. Or having the right outfit, hairdo, makeup, body, etc.,. Some people feel better when they are fitter, for some it doesn't matter.  When masturdating you will find out what you like in certain music, the type of DJs that you like, and if groovy soca turns you on or power soca. You will know what YOU need. And you will be able to figure it out.

Reason #3 - You will become more comfortable with yourself

Believe it or not, the brand new reveler or Carnival Virgin is sometimes scared to death of the idea of being half-naked on the road or pelting waist in the fete.  To many of us, it means nothing. To the new person, it can be overwhelming and/or paralyzing. They actually need the time by themselves to see how they enjoy moving to the soca. They really need a healthy does of masturdation.

Reason #4 - It CAN MOST CERTAINLY Improve your sex life

Every couple knows that fetting together is different than fetting separately. Sometimes you just have MORE FUN when you are separate for a period of time and then come together for a moment on the road or in a fete. Well, you can actually INCREASE the amount of fun that you have together and spend more time together in fetes and on the road when you find out what each of you needs individually through some healthy masturdation.  That you and your partner will be able to tap into that area that brings each of you the most pleasure in the fete or on the road when together and the experience can improve.  And this will improve the "mattress fete." The mattress fete usually happens after the "fete fete." 

Pause for a moment

You get in the shower while playing the soca and have a shower fete. Then you get dressed and get in the car for the car fete. Then you reach the fete and then go home for the mattress fete.  And if you are by yourself, you can still get the full benefits of the fetting experience if you masturdate. 

Okay, lehwe continue.....

Reason #5 - It relieves stress

The great thing about masturdation is that there is no pressure to please anyone else. You can actually "let go" so that you can let go. This alone is a huge stress reliever. Personally, when I'm masturdating, I like to get close to the speakers in the fete and just have the time of my life.  (with my ear plugs in of course!)


Masturdate and masturdate often. You will find that it will increase your fete and road experiences significantly.

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"


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